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Time to defy old marital norms

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The society needs to look forward to change now on several issues. It’s not only me but many of us are talking about the reformation but certainly we have reached to some stage. Believe me reformation is must when it comes to the slum areas. Many social workers are taking care of slum residents by educating them in various ways, medical treatment, documentation etc.

Even today people continue to follow old rituals. For instance many families do not understand the concept of lesbians. On the other hand, the Supreme Court has given legal recognition to transgenders by giving them the status of third gender.

People are yet to understand the constitution of marriage. Even today it is believed that girls get married to lend a helping hand to their in-laws when they grow older. On the other hand, nobody bothers about the girl’s parents.

This is the only reason why parents are desperately craving for sons. There is myth that boy would take care of parents as he would marry some girl who will support his parents.

The time has come that we start changing our mindsets however it is difficult to change the mindset of orthodox people. According to me, marriage should be all about two partners instead of their families. Let us assume that today, I am the only child to my single mother but tomorrow if I get married then obviously I will have to change my residence, name, documentation and so on.

Few months back, I had received a proposal from a guy. I had imposed some terms and condition and informed him that I do not mind marrying him but I want a nuclear family, in which only both of us walk out from the house. I also added that change of surname should not be made mandatory after marriage. Since I am the only girl and I want to continue with my maiden name. I also added that if we have kids then one of them should be adopted. If we have two children then one will carry your name and the other my name.

“How can I leave my parents, they will start growing older” he said. He literally had that puppy face thinking about leaving his parents.

Why? Don’t we girls leave our parents after marriage? Don’t our parents need any support in future? Numerous girls fail to provide financial assistance to their parents after marriage because her money is utilized in her so called family.

Don’t you think that these are the major reasons that nobody wants a daughter? Even the husbands suffer a lot where he becomes sole earner so he will obviously he will give more priority to his family, his parent’s, wife and children. Moreover, he would never want his money to go to someone else.

Why marriages are becoming successful in abroad and not in India? It is simply because they don’t follow this formula. Parents don’t interfere in the marital lives of husband and wife. We too can have successful marital lives if we emulate them.

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