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Time to fight back against society’s two-faced norm

Even in the 21st century, it’s awful to see fallacious taboos being practiced in our society. Not only in rural areas, but also in the cities, people are still following those illogical taboos which are pulling down our society towards backward thinking and stopping it from thriving. Here majorly, the youth, feels stuck because of the sheer contradiction that the society has become over the time. It may bring change in one’s life by making them rebellious if asked to pursue the mindset of their elder generation forcefully. Being rooted and following your culture is one thing, but twisting the cultural tales to make them sound totally different according to your own whims and fancies is way beyond ethical.

As, today’s youth is the future of the country and have a unique sight towards these hoax norms of society. For the present and future enhancement, we all, the youth and the other generations need to come together to fight the biggest foes of our society and reform it with today’s generations ideas and beliefs.

Firstly, the concept of restrictions and limitations is a very subjective view depending upon one’s way of living and not a fabricated concept made by someone, which should not be looked down if it contradicts. Like, virginity of a female is still given so much of prominence! Why so many questions are raised on a girl for having sex before marriage? There is always a societal pressure on the women in many cultures for both, to stay a virgin or lose their virginity.

We may say, in the modern urban society with all those talks of feminism doing rounds, there is gender equality. But unfortunately, there is still gender inequality existing amongst us while some don’t see it and others just tend to shun away from the reality. Women still aren’t given their freedom and right to choose and live lives their own way. In many cultures, women are not seen on par with man and are kept behind the curtains. Many girls aren’t allowed to get education due to various reasons. In other cases, despite being educated, they are not allowed to go out and work. It is appalling that we still need to plead to seek permission for our rights but instead often said that we are given freedom.

Our society is the victim of superstitions and its blind folded belief which is one of the major reasons of our regressive culture. We hesitate to talk about menstruation in open, despite everyone being aware of it. But the kind of behaviour towards it is making it more evident and it leads to face more embarrassment such as giving sanitary napkins in a black bag or wrapped in newspaper; doesn’t that make it more obvious and suspicious while carrying? Also, during menstruation females aren’t allowed to go to temples and even treated like untouchables.

Every time I hear that India is developing, I smirk in my head. I think that how can India possibly grow when there are so many ideas or beliefs that are trying to pull it back down. Have you ever thought who made these taboos and imposed on the restrictions of the society? Don’t they seem to be fabricated according to one’s convenience or preference? How does someone get the right to judge the other person doing and consider them beyond the boundaries of society? Perhaps, all these questions might remain unanswered till eons.

With the next generation’s ideology, there is a ray of hope for a suppressing world and not an oppressing world for women. Though, we are yet to fight many taboos, crimes, and injustice that we are way behind than that we wish to be like.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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