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TMC’s ‘Aapla Davakhana’ project forced Dr Rahul Ghule to attempt suicide?

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The overstressed Dr Rahul Ghule, who is helping society and authorities with his utmost sincere contribution to medical services, is been harassed by politicians, journalists and his business partners. He believes there is nexus to extort and finish him.

Dr Rahul Ghule is the founder of One Rupee Clinic, in a series of tweets posted, which he later removed, Dr Ghule had stated that the TMC had not paid his bills for the past six months. He also claimed that a “nexus of political agents” had taken Rs 29 lakh from him and further forced him that he invests Rs 1 crore in TMC’s Aapla Davakhana project. He had claimed that he had taken the extreme step due to the pressure he was facing from a “nexus” of political leaders, Thane Municipal Corporation officials and certain journalists.

He posted his tweet stating “No bills from TMC since 6 months, time to suicide for common man in such situation. Thane supremo knows everything. There is no justice to me. I have small family I request don’t harass then. Keep our hard-earned money to you all (sic),” followed by another tweet saying that he was admitted to the hospital after taking 30 pills.

In response to a question asked to him by another Twitter user, Dr Ghule later said that he had deleted the tweets for the sake of his family.

TMC spokesperson Sandeep Malvi said, “Dr Ghule came to meet me on Wednesday morning. I have assured him of all help, as we do not want anyone to suffer. I am also instructing the TMC Commissioner to look into the matter and take action. We will investigate the claims made by Ghule and take appropriate action. Ghule had undertaken some work for the Aapla Davakhana project with a partner and has some dispute with him, which caused him stress.”

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