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To see ourselves, we will have to close our eyes

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Most of us are disturbed, depressed and unhappy simply because we try to find our own happiness in others. It’s same like, I am ill and some other person is being treated and I hope and believe that I will be all right. How is it possible?

Every emotions be it happiness, sadness, grief, love or hate, none of these comes from the top, from the sky but they all a result of chemical reaction that happens in our brain. It totally depends on us that what and how we want to feel about something when we feel it. But the problem is with our intellect: it’s so weak that we are unable to decide for ourselves hence we give this power of decision making to someone else to decide for us and this is the place from where the almost endless journey of sorrow and pain starts.

When we want or wish for something then we never try to make ourselves of that importance rather we conceive a senseless, clueless and illogical hope and want the environment and the situation to be in our complete favour so that we can get those things very easily even without making any effort. Whereas the fact is that, the environment and the situation have neither come in our favour nor will they come in the future. If we have got something in the past that we wished for then the simple reason is that we made ourselves worth that and worked for that in actual sense in the same way we didn’t get so many other things which we too wished to simply because we couldn’t make ourselves worth to reach to those stuffs we missed.

We always dominate the truth which we experience through our inner self, or with closed eyes by the truth we see through our open eyes. We think visible to be the only truth and we don’t know that the actual truth is always hidden behind the seen and to watch and to see that truth, instead of opening the eyes we must close it which we don’t do and as always the actual truth remained unseen. It is also said that we want to see the naked truth of this very life then we must close the eyes and then only we would see the actual truth that is truth not the false, or the illusion that we have named as truth. May be that’s why Buddha’s eyes are always closed. What do you think? Which one is the actual truth, that which we see through our open eyes or the one which we see and feel with our closed eyes, which one?

Our parent decided what and where we would study. Then after again either they decided or the elder siblings, after that either the neighbours or parent’s friends decided what we should study further. Films and society decided what to go with after 10th and 12th class. What to pursue afterwards was decided by the needs and helplessness and then we do job where our senior employees again decide for what we are to do and it goes on and on, and as the life passes by anger starts increasing and peacefulness decreasing. After a point of time we lose peacefulness totally and we keep doing what we don’t like and it goes on.

Most of the people spend their whole life just like this. However, most shocking part is that they even at the bed of their death don’t come to know why exactly they came into this earth and what they wanted to do their whole life? And then there comes a time when we know that what we want to do then again we immersed so much into social, so called personal and private life that it becomes impossible for us to follow our heart, we go deep down under the responsibility as a husband, as a father and so on and forth that except helplessness, grief and endless pain nothing comes into our hands. But again there are some very lucky people if you can say who manages to come out of that mould and start following to their heart and mind and live happily, contented and satisfied life. Jack Ma: founder of Alibaba, at the age of forty came to the realisation that he wants to become a teacher and a businessman. Before this he tried hundreds of works and found the solace nowhere.

If we truly and definitely want to know who we actually are then first we must go away means keep distance from our familiar, social, religious and economical bonding and attachments. We will have to observe ourselves deeply without being inspired, impacted or influenced by any of the above mentioned aspects. We will have to embrace solitude, after observing and understanding ourselves then must come to the knowledge that what are our strengths and weaknesses. How can we bring our talents to the highest and maximum use? In which field we do best for ourselves and for the whole humanity as well? After having a great and deep sense of understanding of all these aspects we should come to any decision that’s in some or the other way will influence and impact this whole world in being a better place.

Our ultimate goal should not be of only to just pass this great life by eating, sleeping and producing more children because the animals, fishes, birds and insects follow the same life cycle of eating, sleeping and producing more children before they die. We have got this great mind, this big and wonderful mind and even after having this greatest of all gifts if we limit ourselves to just earn, eat, sleep and produce then what different there will be between these animals, insects and we the human being? I don’t think there would be any difference; we all species would be of the same life format of same life cycle. We can make this world a great place for the coming generations by using this wonderful brain but before thinking about all these stuffs we first would have to change and make ourselves better. We must save ourselves from jealousy, hatred, discrimination, greed and we must try to live life of a human being not the one these insects and animals go by.

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