Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Together you can change

‘A brother in need is a brother indeed’ and Mukesh Ambani deserves applause for helping out younger brother Anil Ambani as Reliance Jio owned by the older brother buys out younger brothers are stressed assets of Reliance Communication. It is a good news for the nation as a whole as stressed PSU and other banks too would benefit as some of their loans too would be recovered in the coming days. Anil Ambani companies stock prices too have gone up substantially which means good news for the investors as well. Reliance Jio too benefits as it gets extra towers and optic fibre accessories for its mobile businesses and people benefit with low data charges.
The famous sons of a famous father, Mukesh and Anil should reunite and forget their business or personal rivalry which would make their father Dhirubhai Ambani happy in heaven. They have enough wealth for generations to survive and I am sure both brothers coming together would even make Indian economy stranger. Anil Ambani did get a raw deal during their infamous separation and the time I guess is ripe for Mukesh Ambani to show his generosity now!


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