Friday, September 17, 2021
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Tree cutting continues in the city

Tree cutting spree is going on in the city.  Despite reporting the matter about tree cutting no action is taken yet and the cutting of trees go unabated. Man is God’s most beautiful creation but now he is acting ugly by cutting down the friends of our environment trees. These trees maintain a balance in the ecosystem.  Without trees, there would be no control over soil erosion, floods, droughts, pollution etc. The trees also maintain a balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide gases in the air. Besides these productive functions, trees have innumerable productive functions. They provide man with timber, fuel, pulp, gum, resin, rubber, fruits, nuts etc.  So, the trees are really very-very important. The green cover of the city is totally destroyed slowly with monstrous action and the government apathy of not taking action against offenders. It is time to take action and see that green cover to the city should not be taken for a ride without any control.


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