Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Triple Talak and co-operation

The Supreme Court has put the ball in legilsators court to frame laws to replace Triple Talak. Will the apex court’s injunction be obeyed? Going by previous experience it seems unlikely that it will be obeyed even during the period of the ban on the Triple Talak. And will there be any action against the transgressors of the ban? Some brave Muslim women tired of the heinous practice of Triple Talak knocked the doors of Supreme Court. If other women of the community show same courage this practice could be restricted and they will be spared the ordeal of unwillingly, facing the repercussions of this act. If this legislation happens along democratic principles then the Muslim Women will get respite. Now the government is faced with a real challenge of how to get the legislation passed? This question could have been solved peacefully without going to court. But considering the troubles faced by Muslim women, in a democratic setup there was no other way but to appeal to the court.

Manasi Joshi

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