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Triple talaq: India court bans Islamic instant divorce

It’s a real justice to Muslim women. And Muslim men should accept the verdict happily because the wife of someone is also the sister or daughter of someone else. A great verdict for all Muslim women who are victims of this foul act and showed the courage to fight against it. The support of our present government has helped them to make this act a crime so that Muslim men will not be able to resort to successive marriages without compunction.

This is the first, but most important step taken by the Government. Post independence, the Nehruvian policy shied away from bringing Muslims at par with all other citizens of India. For them, rights remained frozen in the Constitution and the Muslim clerics and the male dominated society ensured women remained shackled. The educated elite amongst Muslims enjoyed perks and privileges but looked the other way and did nothing to ameliorate the plight of hapless Muslim women.

With this social reform, let us hope more and more reform will be ushered in, specially led by progressive men and women amongst Muslims. The next move is to see them in Government jobs, Military, Police, corporate world; open up all fields to bring out the hidden potentials in them. This is a very innovative legislation. A long awaited natural justice to women. Government should legislate in such a way that all divorces should be suo motu reviewed to rule out utterance of Talaq. Right decision of triple talaq by government go and ask women, who survive after triple talaq what they feel they become totally helpless so please support to avoid triple talaq.

We would like to see those people who were opposing the law against the triple talaq that if in future who had seen if their sister or daughter may found victims of triple talaq then what they will do. It is a right decision in the right direction of passing a bill against triple talaq by the government. It is time to go ask women who survive after triple talaq what they feel they about the decision as they become totally helpless in the present circumstances.

We welcome this as a great piece of legislation for the emancipation of Muslim women. As Supreme Court already declared triple talaq is illegal and unconstitutional. A law was needed to stop such illegal issue completely because after supreme court verdict more cases of instant triple talaq is admitted mainly in Bihar and UP.

It is a bold step took by present government on such decision we can say that our government is actually working for betterment of the society and the exploitation against the all women should be stop and give them an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this world.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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