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Trump: Hope or disenchantment?

Donald John Trump shocked the world by beating Hillary Clinton in Presidential election and became 45th president of the United States. He has always remained a controversial figure in the US due to various reasons. Republicans have had an upper hand in American politics as they have given many popular presidents, be it Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, Bush etc. Republicans in America are more of a conservative type like the BJP in India. And no wonder both the parties belong to the same international affiliation i.e. International Democratic Union.

This presidential election was important in various aspects as new international equations are getting shaped. The world is seeking new world leaders who can fight the international terrorism. Terrorism has not remained limited to Indian subcontinent anymore but it has gone rogue in the so called safe heavens. World is being aware about Americas blatant fight against terrorism. Most importantly Hillary Clintons temperate policy against terrorism benefitted Trump to win the crown.

This election was fought on various vital issues like unemployment, chancre of terrorism, international policies etc. This election was actually associated with American voters. Americans had hard time deciding whom to vote the one who is garrulous and doesn’t seem to be serious about anything and the one who seems to be apathetic to fight growing Islamic terror.

Trumps aggression to demolish Islamic terror helped him to get through the votes of majority of the conservative population. Another important move of Trump was to grow intimacy with the Asian Indian population (which remains to be the largest growing ethnicity in US with growth rate of 69.37%) by expressing his desires to work with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his will to improve the relations with India and Russia.

On the other hand, Hillary seemed to be more profound but she faced series of controversies as well. Another weakness of Hillary Clinton was American attitude towards feminists. She tried to defame Trump wherever she can and this was her biggest mistake as it resulted in cobra effect (In India Congress to adopted the same strategy to defame Modi but it resulted into his victory).

Trump’s speech after winning the election seemed very much mature than his presidential debates. But the question is “Can he deliver the promises made by him during the campaign?” Can he make America great again or not only the time will tell!

The world is eyeing on new American policies towards India, Russia and Middle east. Can these three giants join forces to uproot terrorism or is it going to be the disenchantment of the world?

Abhijit Khedkar

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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