Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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Undertake maintenance work at non-peak hours

According to reports, the Central Railway engineers and workmen did a good job in dealing with rail fracture at Dockyard road station by carefully allowing the trains to pass at dead slow speed under good supervision. Such issues must be resolved by engineers and workmen on the spot. It is a risky matter but calculated and well understood risks can be taken to avoid chaos during peak hours. Railways should develop a schedule to undertake maintenance work in the night when trains are not running. This team can then be given off during day time. Creating good teams is vital for the effective functioning of the railways.

Modi is reviewing the performance of his ministers. The work of Railways ministry should be overseen by a leader having technical qualifications and background. He should be actively involved in the maintenance part of it. We have not heard much from the present minister and his deputy. Both seem to be rather enjoying their portfolios. Defence ministry is also quite a technical subject because lot of equipments need to be purchased and technology transfer issues should be favorably included. Political corruption and selfishness is rampant in almost all political parties in India, including the BJP. Everybody is eyeing a plum portfolio. Modi must ask them what is this “plum” stuff and stubbornly refuse the power and money seekers. Look at what is happening in Maharashtra. Devi “Ekvira” Maa will not help you to win elections or getting “plum” postings.

RSS must accept it’s defeat in the sense that a “Hindu culture” party is not in sync with the ideology of other parties. So all your talk of nationalism, good conduct, eschewing selfishness goes for a toss and that is the biggest danger today. Most of the politicians are so selfish and greedy for money and power that you cannot expect them to do anything for the country’s development. Look at the story of 100 crores involving “behanji” and “dasji” and observe their faces. Do you believe that such leaders will do us any good? I am rather surprised why Modi is not taking note of these things. Beware BJP, AAP will raise the issue of corruption (for tactical reasons alone) ahead of Delhi assembly polls.

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