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Unfair decision of the courts

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As far as the decision of honorable court to sentence Salman Khan to jail for five years and 10,000 thousand rupees as fine for poaching blackbucks, is concerned, it is good step though punishment is too harsh.

But why is it so that Salman Khan for the hunting of blackbuck has been sentenced , On the contrary, those who murdered innocent people, youngster and children on the fake cases of such love jihad, cow killing, encounter, terrorism and so on are still at large fearlessly.

In order to lead them to their account nothing looks into action.

It seems in our country, soul of an animal which was created by God for the sake of human’s service seems more expensive and valueable than that of human being.

It’s unfair and improper. 


(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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