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Unique ‘Drive Safe Daddy’ campaign launched to check drunk driving

A Delhi-based NGO has launched a unique campaign called ‘Drive Safe Daddy’ to check drunk driving and to aware motorists about the need to drive with care and caution, according to a statement issued Sunday.

The campaign involves some students of the Delhi University and they will be interacting with drivers at IGL CNG gas stations across the city.

“As the festive season and the Diwali fervour grips the city, roads in Delhi become more prone to accidents and tragedies as a result of drunk driving, which is at its peak during this time of the year,” the statement said.

Prince Singhal, road safety expert and founder of the NGO called ‘Community Against Drunken Driving’, said the campaign has been launched to reach out to the common man to sensitise them on the need of driving safely.

The campaign, which is spread over a period of three months to cover both Diwali and New Year festivities, would reach out to over 12,000 drivers of private, public and commercial vehicles, the statement said.

The campaign would involve putting a photo frame on the dashboard of the vehicle where a picture of the drivers’ family or loved ones would be put in order to remind them of driving safely as their family is waiting back at home, it said.

The NGO is also distributing stickers and road safety booklet titled “Drive Safe India” as part of the campaign.

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