United we stand, divided we fall

It always happens, when you become arrogant and start playing with the sentiments of the people, taking them to be gullible, you always tend to lose. Now, even the village women are aware about the incidents happening in the country thanks to television coverage and the arrival of smartphones. They noticed that the government has not taken enough steps to solve water scarcity problems and electricity generation, public health as they start getting disheartened.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi cannot do everything himself. His ministers must also work to translate development programs into visible results. In our maritime education field, we have not done enough to ensure that all regions find representation in the matter pertaining to the selection of cadets and ratings. We have failed to hire enough candidates from the North East, the Andamans and Jammu & Kashmir etc. This issue has been highlighted many times earlier.

Training of electricians, plumbers, motor vehicle drivers, good quality metal fabricators and machinists has to be given priority because we need many skilled workers for development projects. Our Engineering colleges must have collaboration with the industry. We need to impart training to more paramedical technicians. These tasks should be monitored by ministers, secretaries and party functionaries instead of wasting time in preparing rate card for supposed conversions. By indulging in such foolish aspects you are diverting the minds of youth.

Unity with good intentions and a resolve to keep away the disruptionists is as important for us like the Scotland. They must remain united otherwise progress will be hampered. It is immaterial, how much you criticize the British but the truth remains that we have learnt a lot from their education system and their paper backs in the engineering colleges. We improved our hand writing with the G nibs. Scotland is a fantastic place and I have visited there many a times. They must listen to the Queen and resist the temptation of separation. United you stand, divided you fall. I will offer the same advice to our “ netas” to stop creating an atmosphere where people may feel alienated and develop separatist tendencies which is bad for the unity and integrity of our nation.