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Unparliamentary language is the new trend of PM’s poll campaign

With few days to go for Gujarat assembly polls, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a jibe at Congress party saying that Congress presidential election is rigged and criticised the party for following dynasty politics. He took potshots at Congress and termed Rahul Gandhi’s expected elevation to Congress president as ‘Aurangazeb Raj.’ Modi has always been known for making mockery of the Congress party prior to every election. Often he uses unparliamentary language against opposition party to gain an upper hand over them. While addressing a rally at Dharampur, Modi said that Congress does not have integrity and “one family has been looting India for decades”.

He criticised the Congress for adopting divide and rule policy and said that the party is following the footsteps of British and dividing the country on communal lines. He attacked Rahul Gandhi for calling GST ‘Gabbar Singh Tax’. The PM went a step further by stating that former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had covered her face while addressing a rally at Morbi in Gujarat. Even BJP president Amit Shah is not far behind when it comes to attacking Congress over various issues. Shah had referred Manmohan Singh as “Mauni baba”. He added that Singh used to undertake foreign tours but people remained unaware about it. Shah said that Congress lacks youth leaders and hence, have ‘outsourced’ their leadership to divide votes on the basis of caste and communalism.

Pratik Rupala, co-convenor Rashtriya Dalit Adhikar Manch said, “The Modi government has failed to deliver the promises made by them to people. They had promised to create 2 crore jobs but the nation is witnessing jobless growth. They had promised to credit 15 lakhs in the bank account of every Indian but people are still waiting for money. Instead of starting bullet trains the government should focus of generating employment. Bullet train is a capital intensive project. Modi should focus on improving governance instead of making controversial statements.”

Pratibha Shinde, General Secretary, Lok Sangharsh Morcha said, “The Modi government had come to power by promising development to people. They lack ethics and distort history. It is unjustified to make allegations against opposition party and Indira Gandhi. The Modi government is indulging in dictatorship politics. They speak about welfare of adivasis but are least bothered about providing better amenities to them. They have failed to address malnutrition issue in Gujarat. The government must first provide information pertaining to the work done by them in the last three years in Gujarat.”

Prithivraj Chavan, former Chief Minister of Maharashtra said, “Gujarat state was formed in 1960 but today it is lagging behind in development and who is responsible for this? Even though BJP had ruled Gujarat for 22 years but the state has not achieved progress in their reign. Why is PM Modi issuing statements against former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi?”

Anil Prakash, National activist, Ganga Mukti Andolan said, “Modi has been making controversial statements against Congress leaders. India doesn’t have a tradition where a prime minister visits overseas and criticises opposition. The Modi government has broken this trend. It is unjustified that many ministers of the Modi government are staying in Gujarat for campaigning for assembly polls. They should stay in the centre and focus on their work.”

Madan Yerawar, Minister of State for Tourism said, “BJP is likely to win more than 150 seats in Gujarat. The party has always contested every election on development agenda. Before BJP came to power in Gujarat, the state has witnessed major earthquake and Godhra riots. However, after BJP formed government in Gujarat it has achieved significant progress. The Gujarat model is being accepted by the entire country.”

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