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Parents instill values and a sense of style in children

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Parents play an important role in transferring values and traditions to their kids. As a parent, it is your responsibility to make your kids aware of the various religions, languages, food, clothing style, and customs and tradition of India. With perseverance and patience, you should explain the rich legacy of our country that we have inherited from our ancestors. Kids should also be able to conceive the actual Indian culture which is much above the style of dressing or eating and has genuine respect for it. This awareness will enable kids to understand the global changes and imbibe the modified and modern version of the culture.

They might be little, but they still have big personalities and personal styles to express. So, what will it be for your little one this fashion season and how to dress them to perfection. When it comes to dressing kids in designer outfits, high flyers don’t exactly shy away from loosening purse strings. And, taking cue from the trend are Indian designers who are vying to plug the gap that’s often felt when it comes to kids fashion.

Picking out a dress for your tiny tot can be a task in itself. You want your little one to look his or her best, get compliments from all your friends and relatives and outshine all his or her peers. Make sure that what you pick out not only looks good but is also comfortable. Your child will be wearing the attire and running all around, dancing to music and playing with his friends. Similarly, if you have a daughter, you don’t want to weight her down with too much fluff and jewellery. Keep it simple, attractive and comfortable. Here are tips you can take inspiration from:

Your child will look smart carrying any one of the above as an accessory to his or her outfit. Of course, they might be enthusiastic in the beginning but tire out soon enough and stuff whatever they are carrying into your hands while they run off to play, but it would be worth to see them in the entire Navratri get up for at least some time. There is no need to dress to kill and spend too much on that, but dressing up a kid for the occasion is the need of the hour.

Internationally too, designers take children’s clothing rather seriously, with several top labels having dedicated lines for them. The label chooses fabrics that are comfortable and breathe easily when designing for children between the ages of one and 14 years. Often, these designers also create kids collections that are inspired from their adult lines. So, if you are looking to twin with your mini me, you have plenty of options to choose from. The collection boasts coats and jackets with removable fur that is inspired from its adult line.

Children don’t care about how fashionable they are looking. They want to run around and have fun. So make sure that their outfit allows them to be comfortable all the time. It is time to dress up your children for the occasion. Spare some extra time to see that they get the best look like you and make sure that they like the dress.  There lies the real success of dressing up the children with dedication and make them happy in the process.

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