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US President Biden meets Veterans protesting for Burn Pit Bill and sends them pizza

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Joe Biden, President
Image: Agencies

US President Joe Biden interacted with veterans who are camping out at the Capitol building and protesting for the Burn Pit Bill to expand care for veterans with burn pit injuries, through FaceTime and sent them pizza.

Biden said that he planned a trip to Capitol Hill to meet the families fighting to pass burn pits legislation, however, he had to cancel after testing positive for COVID-19, The Hill Newspaper reported.

“I planned an unscheduled trip to Capitol Hill this afternoon to meet the families fighting to pass burn pits legislation. A positive COVID test got in the way, but I want to thank @SecVetAffairs for bringing pizza in my place and connecting me with the families via FaceTime,” the US President said in a tweet. Biden tested positive for COVID-19 again on Saturday.

Earlier, he tested positive for COVID-19 on July 21 and was under treatment for around a week. The pizza was delivered by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs Denis McDonough. “Proud to bring pizza from @POTUS to the Vets camping out at the Capitol until the Senate passes the PACT Act,” McDonough said in a tweet.

“These heroes fought for our country–they shouldn’t have to fight for health care, too. The Senate must pass the PACT Act now,” the tweet added.

During FaceTime, the US President said that the country has a “sacred obligation” to care for those who go into war and care for them and their families after they return, the publication said.

Opposing the legislation is “despicable,” Biden said adding that the bill’s opponents are “going to make up for the mistake they made.” The Senate carried out the voting for the bill on Wednesday, however, the bill only received 55 votes.

A minimum of 60 votes are required to pass the bill. During the voting, three senators were absent.

Meanwhile, all Democrats along with eight Republicans voted in favor of the bill. US Senator Chuck Schumer on Thursday said that he plans to bring the bill up for a vote again on Monday.

Biden has been focused on expanding benefits for veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and were exposed to toxic chemicals from burn pits and has always called it a “sacred obligation” to prepare those serving in the armed forces and to care for them and their families when they return home.

The issue of burn pits strikes a personal note for the president who believes related chemicals may have contributed to the brain cancer that ultimately killed his son, Beau Biden, The Hill reported. Earlier, in June, Biden signed a bill to provide better access to mammograms for veterans exposed to burn pits as part of nine bills signed into law aimed to improve veterans’ health care.

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