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USCIRF not interested in discharging its mandate

People across the world are surprised that despite the USA claiming to be the leader of free-world, why many of the Muslim folk are...

Trump’s visit to India – Atithi Devo Bhava, overextended

Modi and Trump, both rose to power on an exclusive hate campaign, at the heart of which was Trump’s commitment and rhetoric to build...

Letters to the Editor: 06 November, 2019

Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America was totally wrong in declaring India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi a few months

India has become the dumping ground for e-waste

Electronic waste (also known as e-waste) is discarded electrical or electronic devices. Improper disposal and processing of this waste can lead to adverse human...

Modi requested Trump to arbitrate on Kashmir issue for ushering India into ‘Hindu Rashtra’

The revelation by Prez Trump during his meeting, this week with Pakistan PM Imran Khan that PM Modi asked him to mediate/arbitrate on Kashmir...

Go to NAME instead of allowing USA making India theatre of Shia-Sunni World War — Part II

Pakistan being a Sunni majority country (and Pak former Army Chief Gen. Raheel Sharif being the Commander of SaAr sponsored Sunni-NATO) will

Go to NAME instead of allowing USA making India theatre of Shia-Sunni World War — Part I

India is the only secular democratic country (that too of ~ 1.35 billion people) in Asia (based on the political values of Western liberal

Increasing influence of India compels Antigua to revoke citizenship of Mehul Choksi

Certainly, it is increasing influence of stronger India in the world community that the Antiguan government has decided to revoke the

India, its Muslims can’t afford to be passive spectators of US-Iran conflict

Crippling economic US sanctions against Iran after withdrawal of USA from Iran nuclear deal(ii) Six tankers explosion in that region in

Yoga plays a special role, binds Body and Mind together

We can say that we are living in a Kaliyug as we witness untoward incidents taking place in every strata of society. The youngsters...

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