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US Presidential Elections: Donald Trump’s economic policies are ‘reckless’, ‘most risky’, says Hillary Clinton

The economic policies of Republican presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump are “reckless” and “most risky”, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton’s campaign has said.

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“This is the most risky, reckless and regressive tax proposal ever put forward by a major presidential candidate, and there is not even much disagreement on these basic numbers,” former director of the National Economic Council Gene Sperling said.

“If you look at the Tax Policy Center’s analysis, they find that the top one per cent would get 40 per cent of the tax cut,” Sperling said yesterday as he was responding to questions on Trump’s statements on his economic policies. The conference call was organised by the Clinton Campaign.

“The top 0.1 per cent people making over 5.2 million dollars would get 18 per cent. So let me give a sense for what this means on how Donald Trump prioritises the most extremely well-off: the top 0.1 per cent would get more of a tax cut than the bottom 60 per cent of workers combined,” he said.

Clinton campaign’s senior policy adviser Jake Sullivan alleged Trump’s plan would cut millionaires’ taxes to the lowest level in modern history.

“In fact, there’s a technical term for Trump’s tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires: Yuge. This is a tax plan by the billionaire, for the billionaires… Trump will keep trying to bob and weave. But the problem for him is that his proposal is right there in black and white. It has four full pages of detail,” he said.

In fact, it’s one of the only detailed policy proposals he’s put forward in this campaign, he noted.

“To emphasise, it’s not just that his tax policy would be an enormous boon for the most well-off people on Wall Street at the expense of the middle class – he is affirmatively signalling that he would unravel the Dodd-Frank protections that have been put in to ensure we would never have a financial crisis again,” Sperling said.

“That is an extraordinary signal to send, that a Trump presidency would mean more capacity to go back to the type of reckless behaviour that most responsible people believe we can never allow again,” he said.

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