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USP of India: Unity in Diversity

In almost all schools along with morning prayers we take pledge that ‘India is my country and all Indians are my brothers and sisters’, this seems rather true in our great land. ‘Unity in Diversity’ and ‘National Integration’ are two strong values which make us unique on this universe. India is a land of diverse physical features. In every possible geographical physical feature, we can think of India’s presence. They practise different religions, speak different languages and follow different customs and traditions. They also differ in their dress and food habits. In spite of all these external differences, the people of India have a common feeling of Indianness. They are bound by a common cultural heritage and share certain basic values.

When Indians go abroad, they call themselves Indians and are considered and treated as Indians. Hence, we use the phrase ‘Unity in Diversity’ to describe the social fabric of India. This is to express the great truth that despite of their many differences, the people of India are all united as Indians.

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, from Meghalaya to Gujarat, they all have a feeling that they belong to one nation.

Life is simply and joyful here and we believe and feel the family touch by our motto ‘simple living and high thinking’. It is felt that the above characteristics is tagged with South Indians and others follow this unique character. Sportsmen and Sportswomen are considered best citizen of the country. They represent Unity in Diversity with a team consisting of players from North to South and from East to West. Instead of maintaining a high profile, one should go in for low profile all the time. After all, the happiness in life shows ups and downs. One should not change when they achieve success and one should not leave others when he goes with bad times. Of course, the above cycle is part and parcel of one human life. Unity in diversity is a hallmark of our system and the stigma of true love is revealed in that manner. National integration prevents us from being radicalized by the enemies of the country.

Success is a journey and not a destination. The most important ingredient in the formula of success is performing consistently. Success comes not as much by changing the circumstances of our lives, but by changing our attitude in the best way possible. In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can achieve the goal or the target in the stipulated time. When you get right down to the root meaning of the word “Succeed” you find that it simply means follow through. Strength, knowledge and the will are the qualities that make a person successful. Nothing succeeds like success is really true.

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