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Vastu Tips for Prosperous Diwali

Directions play an important role in attracting money and growth in your life. According to Directions of Alchemy in Vastu Shastra, doing the right activity in the right direction is the key to attract money. The word Lakshmi is used as a synonym for money only.

Deepavali Pujan is the ritualistic way to show reverence to the goddess of money, Lakshmi. Practically, to be able to receive the blessings of goddess Lakshmi you must ensure that your space, your home, office or work place, is ready for that. You can easily do that with the 4-Step Vastu application method that is a distilled essence of over 12,000 successful Vastu case studies. It highlights the influence of Entrance, Rooms, Colours and Interior objects in your home. Documented research in Vastu Shastra shows that each of these has a profound effect on your ability to attract money. On the occasion of Deepavali, colours, lights and interior decoration assume all the more importance.

Whether it is in Rangoli made on your doorstep, or on the walls, curtains, furniture, or even in the lampshades, colours have significant effects on your mind and life. So, while redoing the interiors this Deepavali, you must ensure that all the colours are well placed in accordance to elements of 16 Vastu Zones. For example, North is the zone of water element; so, you can take blue, green, brown, chocolate and allied shades here to attract more money.

Deepavali is the festival of lights and just like colours, lights also affect our subconscious mind. By lighting appropriate light in the right zone you can get desired results. Many people used lights on the advice of MahaVastu Experts and got amazing results. For example, if you feel your hard work is going unrecognised and unnoticed, people are not appreciating your brands, you need to light a red bulb in the south zone of your home. When lit in South-East, it will help you realise your blocked payments.

Deepavali is the right time to have a look on interior colours, lights and objects to ensure they are as per the Vastu guidelines. Even if they are not, MahaVastu has easy to apply scientific Vastu remedies and solutions like application of colours, lights, metals and paintings with which any Vastu defect can be removed without doing structural changes.

MahaVastu Deepavali 2015 recommends some tested powerful MahaVastu Remedies to attract Lakshmi in your home, office and factories.

  1. Shift God figures and photographs from South-South-West, Vastu zone of expenditure and wastage, to North-East, Vastu zone of clarity of mind. It will help you attract you more money and increase your possessions.
  2. Keep a Money plant in Blue bottle in North, Vastu zone of money and opportunities. This will help you attract success and new growth opportunities in Career.
  3. Clean North-North-East Vastu zone of shades of red, orange or pink. Also, remove cleaning aids from there. Take care lest a Dustbin should be lying there. This remedy will help you attract better health.
  4. To attract more love and better understanding in your family relationships, remove shades of red, orange and pink from South-West, Vastu zone of relationships. Keep your Family Photograph in golden frame there. The photograph must relate with happier times showing all members in happy state of mind.
  5. Hang a Village scene on Black frame in West, Vastu zone of Gains and Profits. This powerful MahaVastu Remedy will attract fortunes, prosperity and more gains in your life.

So, this Deepavali follow MahaVastu Directions and attract more Money and Growth in your life!

 Prasad Kulkarni

(The writer is a well-known MahaVastu Expert of Mumbai and is also the CEO of MahaVastu Mumbai and comes from the family of spiritual healers.)

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