Thursday, May 13, 2021
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Vote for stable government

The elections have come close and we must think of political stability so that the chosen government can function unhindered and prevent arm twisting by coalition partners. The regional parties become a part of the coalition become very selfish which paves way for corruption and inaction. The nation has suffered a lot on account of this malpractice since last ten years. We cannot afford this anymore. BJP Vice-President Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi has not done the right thing by tweeting against former Janata Dal (U) leader Sabir Ali. Such high ranking functionaries must refrain from indulging in this act. Express dissent in party forums. Having said that, the reported terrorist links of Ali must be enquired and people should know about the truth.

BJP president Rajnath Singh is inducting all sort of people on the sly in an opportunistic manner. It should also be found out if Mr Naqvi is expressing his opposition because he does not want another Muslim to join the party. Baba Ramdev is a learned man and he should refrain from using unparliamentary language against Sonia Gandhi. If you feel Sonia is no good, then you should be better than her and prove it. Who stops you?

Providing clean drinking water to the citizens and offering electricity to small towns and villages is the need of the hour. Educated and capable people among us must put pressure on the government to perform on these counts by effectively mobilizing the industrialists/ entrepreneurs and providing all assistance to them. The IAS officers must be pro-active to aid and assist and not sit passively enjoying perquisites of the office. We always talk of politicians but forget that in most of the cases, these officers ( Secretaries) spoil the Minister. They raise objections when the minister has obtained favours and later start demanding the same for themselves.

In many cases, they are the ones who prompt the “party” to fulfill the demands raised by ministers and then start making their own demands. This part has to be clearly understood hence I have been advocating that no one should be allowed to join Central Civil Services unless he or she has performed two year compulsory national service. The next government must enact such a law for the development of the society, “samaj sudhar”. Plenty of work needs to be done with regard to constructing good roads, making the railways safer and faster. Therefore vote for stability so that all these work will commence on a war footing basis otherwise our nation will lag behind.

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