Friday, June 18, 2021
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Vote for the right candidate

Dear electorates, beware of trouble makers and disruptors during the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. Have you noticed the colour of  Arvind Kejriwal’s boat and his towel while he is trying to take a dip in the Ganga river after arriving at Varanasi? Why should any one waste their vote by voting for Kejriwal which adversely affects the chances of another worthy candidate? Is he an acclaimed scientist or technician? Is he a distinguished academician? Is he an expert garment technologists or an expert artisan? Does he offer Namaz five times a day? ( his love for green and the scull cap), is he the expert “ shahnai wadak”. None of these.

So why should you attend his rallies and even think about voting for him? People of Varanasi are “spasta vadi” and they must ask Kejriwal to sit along the ganga ghats and listen to “ bhajans” and participate in Aarti. AAP should not try to become a “ paigambar” for Muslims because enough wise and religious men are present in their own community.

The district administration must be very alert and keep a hawks eye on the activities of extremist elements so that the amicable atmosphere is not vitiated. Election Commission must keep a strict vigil because unruly elements may create disharmony to get the election countermanded. Our country badly needs stability today.

AAP may try to propagandise that they had written to EC to defer the gas price revision ( projecting in any way that rise was good or bad) and take credit for it to say, “Dekho hamne mehangai badhne se rok diya” . On the other hand, the election watchdog had issued instructions to the government to postpone the gas price hike as the matter is sub-judice.

The EC should have asked the government to defer the decision ( in a discreet manner) through the President  so that no party would have come forward to politicize this issue. In any case, the common man must be aware about the facts. For achieving this objective, educated elderly persons must provide proper guidance to the masses. You must look at that leader who will lead the country and provide good governance and vote for him. Thus people should cast their votes for the right candidate who will work for the development of the nation and welfare of the masses.

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