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We die hundred times a day in ISIS rules, says Syria refugee

Kurdish fighters backed by rebels have managed to drive the Islamic State out of the strategic border town of Tal Abayad and are in full control of it, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Tuesday. However, thousands of embattled residents, “terrorised by ISIS” continue a frantic rush towards Turkey.

Tal Abayad, forms a major supply route to al Raqqa province in Syria and it’s recapture by the Kurds is a major setback for the ISIS.

Buttressed by US-led air strikes, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) advanced rapidly on Tuesday forcing the I+SIS to pull back into the southern and western villages, however the Kurds are still scouring through the area as ISIS is said to have planted many landmines, said the SOHR.

Also, at least 40 ISIS fighters were killed during the offensive, added the monitor.

The strategic town of Tal Abayad has been witnessing an intense battle between the Kurdish fighters and the ISIS since last few days, forcing thousands of residents to flee.

According to the al Jazeera, more than 16,000 people have fled to Turkey in the past two weeks.

Two days ago, Turkey allowed the refugees from Tal Abayad to enter its territory, and opened the Akcakale border gate.

Thousands of refugees with children and other possessions rushed into the Turkish territory.

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