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What Every Man Must Do to Keep Romance Alive in His Marriage

Once you are a few years into your relationships, you tend to start taking things for granted, you make fewer efforts, the passion starts slipping away and the spark starts fading. That means less intimacy and more fighting; definitely not something you (and she) look forward to coming home to after your day at work.

So, as a man, a husband, and a lover, you have a few “duties” to fulfil, to make sure that the spark stays bright and glowing. After all, marriage is a two-way street, where you too have to put in efforts to keep things as fresh as ever. Surprisingly, you will enjoy these duties as much as your wife will enjoy seeing you doing them!

You must kiss her before you go to work…

And, once you come back from work! Simplest thing to do, isn’t it?

Add it to your daily routine. A small peck on the cheeks or forehead, or a passionate kiss on the lips, will definitely get you excited about your bond, and it will help to reignite the passion in your relationship.

You must dedicate at least 10 minutes to her…

Every day! During breakfast, after work, before going to sleep, any time.

This will make your bond stronger, keep her emotionally close to you, and you will fall in love with her every day, yet again. It is important to remind each other why you both are together, and these 10 minutes will definitely do that. After all, there is something special about continuous, non-diverted eye contact.

Touch her, every once in a while…

With gentle love and warmth! It should be the kind of touch that sparks connection, and not just desire.

Hold hands and walk, hug her randomly, put locks of her hair behind her ear, and do all the other things you used to do when you had just met each other. Remember all those small ways that you tried to touch her, back then? Those tricks will still work their magic on her, believe us!

You must take her back in time…

Every now and then! It is important to give her a break from the man she is living with, and bring back the boy she really fell in love with.

If she watched you play football in college, you can simply organise a football match with your boys, and ask her to come and watch. It will definitely bring back the memories of the younger you and her. If nothing else, dress the way she loves, don her favourite colours and wear her favourite fragrance. Just because you are married now, doesn’t mean that you stop making efforts to woo her.

You must take her for honeymoon re-runs…

At least, once a year! A long vacation or a short one, a far off destination or a closer one, a romantic holiday or an adventurous one, plan a romantic getaway for her.

Just get out of the usual atmosphere, and take her somewhere where you both can recreate your love, relationship, bond, and memories. Just the two of you! Who said a honeymoon should be enjoyed just once in your life anyways?

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