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Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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What is the root cause of corruption?

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Corruption is social evil and is prevalent everywhere across the world. It is a kind of disease which is incurable. It is not possible to completely eliminate corruption from the grassroots level but it can definitely be controlled.

Few questions pertaining corruption is arising in my mind. Why does corruption take place? What is the root cause of corruption? What is the solution to curb corruption and is it prevalent only in the government sector? What measures the government are adopting to curb it?

According to me, corruption is rising on account of greediness and poverty. The ugly nexus between politician and police officials are responsible for corruption. Rich politicians indulge in corruption as they are greedy to earn more money. Police officials become corrupt due to paltry salary paid to them.

India has witnessed several scams since last three to four years. The Adarsh Housing scam was unearthed few years back where politicians and bureaucrats had violated the rules and regulations to grab government land for personal benefit. Coal allocation scam or Coalgate, is a political scandal concerning the illegal allocation of the nation’s coal deposits to public sector entities (PSEs) and private companies by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

The coal which is one of the vital resources of nation were sold to a private company at a throw away price, due to which the nation suffered heavy losses. Many other scams like 2G, Commonwealth Fodder scam rocked the nation.

The Telgi scam shows how Crime branch officials from Mumbai had assisted the accused Abdul Karim Telgi for printing counterfeit stamp paper.

Many politicians use their influence to get their children secure admission in the top colleges. As a result of this deserving candidates are denied admission. They also use their authority to provide jobs to their relatives as deserving candidates struggle to get employment. In efficient persons are employed in government departments who commit various types of blunders as the country has to suffer in the long run.

Strong measures needs to be adopted for tackling corruption. It’s the responsibility of people to keep a check on corruption. If any government official demands money from citizens they should file a complaint with the Anti corruption bureau so that strict action can be taken against the offenders. If the nations wants to progress it needs to eliminate corruption.

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