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When private lives become public

Earlier, human beings were found responsible for committing murder but now even technology can become a reason for people to end their lives. The invention of Social media was considered as a boon but now it has also started taking a heavy toll on people’s personal lives too. I am terming social media as murderer as it is also one of the factor responsible for the death of Minister of State for Human Resource Development’s Shashi Tharoor wife Sunanda Pushkar.

Everything was going well Sunanda’s life until one tweet forced her to commit suicide. Social networking sites no doubt keeps us one step ahead all time but many times it can turn out to be a huge distraction for many people.

These days people have a tendency to share every aspect of their personal lives on social networking sites which at times can prove to be counter-productive. The line dividing a person’s professional and personal lives has blurred on account of social networking sites. People tend to overshare every minute aspect of their lives like honeymoon trips, visit to hotel, pubs and many other incidents which can prove dangerous.

The war of words which began on Twitter ends with Sunanda Pushkar’s alleged suicide. Questions are being raised about her tiff with Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar and her husband Union Minister Shashi Tharoor’s alleged affair. After the twitter war Sunanda started feeling ashamed because her personal life was now open for everyone. Like me even Sunanda didn’t wanted her personal life to become viral on social networking sites. After the news of affair between Shashi Tharoor and Pakistani Journalist Mehr Tarar broke out even the twitteratis started enjoying the entire drama. They started posting their comments about this issue. Tweepels should understand that they don’t have any right to flood with bad comments and criticize anyone on twitter. It was a really a painful moment for Sunanda as people were making fun of her husband questioning her credibility. As a result of this, she had to undergo depression and took a decision to end her life.

Have we, the tweeples, in our eagerness to share every detail of our lives over an internet megaphone, not quite understood what the social media can do, especially its pitfalls? Is the line between the public and private blurring too fast? These are the question that’s really needed to be thought about. Social networks need to be handled in matured manner, in a rush to tweet we don’t need to forget it can also hurt the sentiments of other which can lead to bad impact on their lives. It is better to refrain from commenting about someone’s personal lives on social networking sites.

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