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Sunday, March 3, 2024
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When Trupti Desai will be arrested?

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By assaulting the youth Trupti is trying to garner cheap publicity.

Trupti Desai takes law into own

Mumbaikars have condemned the manner in which Bhumata Brigade Chief Trupti Desai had taken law into her own hands by thrashing a man in Pune for allegedly making false marriage promises to women. The video of the incident had already gone viral on social media inviting the ire of netizens. They said how can Trupti who had spearheaded the campaign for seeking entry of women in the inner sanctum of Shani Shingnapur temple turn so violent. Instead she could have first had an interaction with the youth and warn him against repeating the crime in future. They also said that if Trupti is talking about gender equality then she should not have beaten the youth and if men would have committed the same offence against women then hue and cry would have been raised against it in media. Even women’s rights organisations would have intervened in this matter but since a man was at the receiving end nobody raised objections about it. How can the society progress if such types of incidents occur they asked?

Abbas Kazmi-AV“Of course Trupti has committed a mistake and doesn’t have any right to beat anyone. If Trupti had guts then she should have beaten men at Haji Ali who had foiled her attempt to enter the shrine,” said criminal lawyer Abbas Kazmi.

Bhola Gurjar-AVBhola Gurjar, Professor of Civil (Environmental) Engineering at IIT Roorkee said, “There is another angle which I am curious to learn about. Suppose in such a case if a man wants to marry a woman but she just aborts the baby and chooses to walk out of the live in or mutually agrees for physical relationship, does the man have a right to drag her in court?”

Anil galgaliAnil Galgali, RTI activist said, “Trupti has definitely shown courage by beating that man. However, she should not have violated the law and should have handed him to the police. She could have filed a complaint with the police. Such issues must be resolved with social responsibility.”

Ravi Srivastava-AV“Trupti is a publicity hungry woman with an objective to grab some political space. She could have handed over the person to the police and filed a formal complaint. Her attempt to enter temples was a publicity stunt as she could have protested before right forums or seeking judicial intervention,” said AAP leader Ravi Srivastava.

Parmeshwar Upadhyay NSUI member said, “Trupti Desai should be prosecuted for taking law into her hands and nastily attacking a youth to cause bodily harm to him. The footage is a vital evidence to punish her. The man was beaten so brutally that there are slim chances of reunification of the couple. Such issues should be resolved by offering counselling to youth.”

Indur Chugani-AVIndur Chugani social activists said, “She basically has become like Rakhi Sawant and wants to remain in the limelight by hook or crook. She might be planning to enter politics but she lacks vision. She can’t act like a police and assault anyone publically. Unfortunately, only the common man is harassed in our country and nobody is keen to take action against those who are in the limelight.”

Vedant Sharma a journalist said, “Unfortunately there isn’t any law to check a man getting into relationship with a woman, promising to marry her and later deserting her. Moreover, law gives provision to girl to take legal action against a man who cheated her in the name of marriage. But nobody has any right to assault anyone with slippers. Trupti should be sent to jail.”

Vaibhav Maheshwari said, “The couples in question are mature and the physical relation that resulted into women’s pregnancy was mutually agreed between them. Now when the man refuses to marry her then the woman has all the rights to take legal action against him. Trupti Desai is slowly turning into a self-declared activist.”

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