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Where is Childhood lost?

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Childhood, school, education, children, columnThe increasing burden of school bag is causing huge inconvenience to children. On one hand, the burden of education on children increased, and the scope of practical knowledge available to them in schools continued to decline. As a result of this it affects the physical and mental development of children. Burden of bags was less on children about five decades back. For example there was one book for the first grade and two for the second and three books for the third grade. Moreover, questions are based according to each class level. There were questions like Maths, profit, loss, interest and equation, but today children are deprived of practical curriculum knowledge and education. This is causing double damage to children. One increased the burden on children, and the other was that the scope of practical knowledge that children received in school continued to decline. As a result of this it hampers children’s physical and mental development. Health experts say school children under the age of 12 may be at risk of suffering due to burden of bags. Nowadays more than ten textbooks and notebooks are offered to children studying in first class. Due to increased burden of bags it is affecting children’s back, knees and spine. According to experts, young students who carry heavy bags hampers the physical and mental development of children.

Nowdays, Parents buy videogames, carrom board instead of asking them to play cricket, football which is detrimental to their physical and mental health. Children who play videogames for the entire day have a tendency to change their temper and mood as compared to normal children. Kids already have the undergo stress of studies. Then the pressure of winning the competition makes these kids serious at a young age. Parents leave their children alone because they do not have free time for them. Hence they send their children to school and participate in theater. Instead of reading and writing, kids are aware about new videogame and action movie. In today’s age of these aspects cannot be ignored.

I have seen parents not allowing their children to play with other children. These children constantly sit in front of the TV and seldom go out which hampers their development. Children learn from what is taught at home and they try to imitate the same. Some parents don’t allow their kids to play the cooking games. Girl child always like to play that cooking games which she has always seen in her house. They look to imitate the same. They have a home in the kitchen, mom who cook, dad who is going to the office, a grandpa who play with them. This is the age to understand the house and the family. Childhood fun is lost in mobile keyboards today. The craft ideas projects have now been replaced by readymade greetings.

Today, in Convent schools, teachers are providing assignments to kg section students like tenth standard students. When Children come home from school they are unable to have free time and do not have time to play. Parents have admitted them to private schools for providing better education for their young children. We must think of ways in which those innocent children can be relaxed. Instead of teaching in a closed room, they should be taught interestingly and freely. Children are unable to concentrate on education due to burden of books. The constant pressure from parents and teachers should not adversely affect children’s minds, however they need to be guided by the importance of education and development. Don’t put stress on them. Children should be taught practical knowledge so that their thinking can be enhanced.

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