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Who is being fooled this Election – leader or voter?

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Since the Election Commission of India (ECI) announced the 2019 Lok Sabha polls schedule and in some of the states the elections are going on – all the political parties be, it national or regional started their campaigning and rallies with full of hoo ha, energy and media coverages across the nation. However, at the front there are always the Indian National Congress (INC) and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) – who are the only biggest national parties of one of the biggest democracy of the world – India.

All parties and their leaders are on a verge to do anything to get the attention and most importantly the votes from the voters. While rallying for their candidacy and their party – they are even crushing the Model Code of Conduct without bothering about it and the legal action that the police can take against them. However, since the government is not taking any action against these perpetrators – the reaction of the government itself symbolises that it is busy in doing its own political rallies.

The general elections of the country which is also called as the biggest festival of the nation, is the time when all the leaders from a Ward Member to the Prime Minister comes out of their holes and meet with the people, discuss with them, know their problems, have tea, breakfast, lunch and dinner with them and try their best to convince them that they are the only grounded politician and their party is the only one which is completely determined, dedicated for the betterment of the nation and works for the harmony of the society.

However, the poor voters too enjoy the company of these celebrated leaders and feel themselves to be the luckiest one, moreover, in this day dreaming – they forget the pain, suffering, inconvenience, and lack of facilities in hospitals, schools, police stations, or in all of the government institutions that they had faced in the last five years. They forget that these leaders will go back to the same holes where they had been for five years after winning the elections.

To add it more, as always, these leaders success in fooling and emotionally blackmailing these soft-minded-hearted voters and retain the power, and the moment they retain the power they changes their colour completely and become unknown to every citizen and the voters remain the sufferers, fools, and useless for the leaders for the next five years. After five years on – the same story repeats and things go on. That’s how our country runs – it is run by a driver who never sits on the seat.

Recently, Congress released their 2019 election manifesto of 55 pages where they discussed and presented their plan to apply on the country after retaining power in the centre. The Congress said that it would reform the tax administration and medium-sized Indian business companies as well as start-ups would not have to go through many papers work for their first three years to get the loan from the government. It further said that there would be separate budget for the farmers. It also claimed that the Nyuntam Aay Yojana (NYAY) scheme will be Congress’ first priority which will fill 20 lakh job vacancies by March 2020 and the poverty of the country will be eliminated by 2030 through the same scheme.

The head of the committee, P. Chidambaram said that the manifesto will set the narrative for the upcoming elections, however, the reality seems to be different as Rahul Gandhi and his assurances do not have the same kind of mass acceptance now. Precisely, Gandhi through his party manifesto wants to construct a counter narrative of social justice to the common people in India, in contrast to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s narrative of strong Hindi nations.

During the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, BJP released its manifesto, which was full of everything that this country consists of, the then Prime Ministerial candidate from the BJP party, Narendra Modi in almost all of his political campaigning – shouted, swore, claimed, promised, and pledged to fulfil all those points mentioned in his party manifesto, however, how many of those promises are fulfilled is history and known to every single Indians.

We all know what Modi did after getting into power. However, after alleging Modi of committing so many scams, looting the country’s money, fooling all the voters, misusing the power, weakening all the governments institutions, grilling Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), manipulating the data regarding the country’s employment, education, healthcare, economy, farmer distress, Muslims’ actual population, and Dalits distress and etc. the Congress is playing on the front foot.

Rahul Gandhi – who has somewhere established himself as the Prime Ministerial candidate for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections which is not declared by the party yet, in a press conference, discussed his party’s manifesto that how it would remove all the crisis from the country and its people, seems to be hollow, as if we see his last five years history, then we will get him nowhere except criticising Modi in every way possible. I mean, to be precise, he has become Narendra Modi of 2014 elections – who during his political rallies during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections did nothing apart from talking big, shouting, talking ill about Nehru family, patting his 56 inch wide chest, and pledging to do everything for the country which neither any party nor any politician has ever think about after the nation got independence from the British and Pakistan was separated.

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Since the nation got independence from the British, the country has been ruled by many parties and people but the root problems remained the same even today. People suffered during the British rule and still suffering even after getting independence. We got freedom from the British but if we look and observe the situation of the nation in actuality then we find that we got freedom from the British only who were white, apart from that nothing is changed. We are still slaves, slaves of religionism, casteism, regionalism, exploitation, scams, unemployment, of useless educational institutions and their third class plans, useless health institutions, hospitalities and their senseless plans, stupid leaders and their idiotic policies, discrimination between blacks and whites, between rich and poor, between male and female, between son and daughter, of idiots being intellectuals and intellectuals being idiots, and the most dangerous, undying and in-humanistic national as well as regional political parties who are the contractor of the all evils and crisis happening in this country.

Modi in actual sense has awaken all the countrymen and made them realised that what a democracy is as well as what role a voter plays in making and keeping the democracy alive. Since the elections are happening in some parts of the country – it becomes interesting to see if the voters of the country are even awaken or are still in deep sleep whose consciousness does not work when it comes to rationality, practicality, development, or choosing right representative.

The answer will be revealed on 23 May, 2019 that who is being fooled this time?

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