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Monday, September 25, 2023
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Why are youth joining AAP?

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Large number of persons, including young journalists is rushing to join AAP simply because other parties behaved like a closed and elitist cub and failed to provide adequate opportunities to youth. If someone starts a party New Bollywood and starts offering roles to young boys and girls, you will notice a bigger gate crashing there.

Arvind Kejriwal is smart. He must have told his wife, “Tu sarkari naukri pakad ke rakh, main jara PM ban leta hoon”. He is in a win-win situation.

Governing a vast country like India is not easy. Political parties are not honest about what they say and do not stick to it. Chidambaram pointed out that political parties have interest in both Telangana and Andhra and that is why they keep backtracking on the state’s bifurcation. We tend to work better when fear is instilled in us. AAP is claiming corruption reduced during their reign in Delhi but the same thing occurred during emergency. Everybody started reporting to office in time but once emergency was lifted, we reverted back to our wicked ways. “Bhaya bin hoi na preet”. Corruption will be drastically reduced if there is fear of law. Swift trial and prompt conviction is to be assured. If you go to Saudi- Arabia, people on streets ( those who are not Muslims) are worried about eating anything during Ramadhan as action might be taken against them.

Once I was joining a ship in such a port the agent advised me to refrain from having food till we reach the confines of his office. Drugs are freely available in India due to poor implementation of laws in the country. Though things are improving but still we continue to throw garbage on the street. Emulate this act in Singapore and watch the result. The fear of heavy fines prevents people from littering streets.

India is lagging behind in manufacturing activities because we are not giving importance to work and indulge in gossiping and office politics. Have you ever heard Lal Krishna Advani and Sushma Swaraj speaking about the importance of technical and skill development matters? They always talk about petty politics and do not offer an opportunity for youngsters to come up. Therefore, youth are dissatisfied and are rushing to join AAP. Vote for one party of your choice because the greedy coalition partners only will stall growth and spread corruption which will prove to be a major hindrance in the country’s development.

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