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Why did Kejriwal call off dharna?

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People might be debating about the reason why AAP had called off dharna. According to me, the real reason is that his wife must have said, “You are diabetic and if you catch pneumonia, it will cause harm to your health.” On a positive note, what Kejriwal ended up doing was right. You cannot have this nonsensical way of working. The ruling party could have passed a resolution in the assembly seeking expeditious transfer of policing powers to the Delhi government. The ministers of Kejriwal government must understand that other officers also possess some self respect and they must deal with them in a decent manner.

Why you are in a hurry to defeat the opposition parties and rule India? Do you think everybody else are fools, you only are smart?

Remove arrogant and impertinent Somnath Bharti and induct Vinod Kumar Binny (he is good). If you want to eradicate drug use and peddling, frame stringent laws for Delhi ( it is in your powers) which at par with Dubai, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. Do it silently and firmly. If you want to provide water to all homes in Delhi, start working about it with zero publicity and maximum sincerity. The same aspect applies for your promises pertaining to lowering electricity tariffs.

A thorough combing of Delhi residents must be carried out to find illegal immigrants and defense purchase middlemen. They must be deported out of the capital. Congress has set up all sort of bad practices over the years and they must be forced to mend ways. Why Sheila Dixit must go to Rajya Sabha and not retire? She has been very arrogant and has been the root cause of Congress debacle. People only talk about the Gandhi dynasty and not Dixit dynasty. There is need to bring in radical reforms which can be initiated at national level after Lok Sabha elections by the new government and in the meantime Delhi government must play its part.

Start building schools and hospitals as promised. Set up a women’s volunteer force for assisting and overseeing safety of women and children. Large number of hotels exists in Paharganj area of Delhi which must be checked thoroughly. Police wearing plain clothes must patrol the Connaught Place area from sunset to sunrise. RSS must set up it’s “ shakhas” in Delhi to engage the citizens in cleaning the streets and be willing to provide help during emergency situations like fire or other disasters.

The Lieutenant Governor must pay a monthly visit to schools and write a column in prominent newspapers describing the state of affairs. It also is applicable to Maharashtra governor vis-à-vis the Mumbai University affairs. The Velukar vrs Hatekar match is never ending. Administrators and politicians must now quickly learn to be citizen friendly, otherwise, protests will keep on happening on a regular basis and may get difficult to contain. It is always better to remain watchful and compassionate. Don’t simply rule, also respect citizens.

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