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Why Hong Kong matters so much to the world?

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The fall of communism was the key event in catalyzing globalization but not in China. Beijing passed the wide reaching legislation in June 2020.

Hong Kong is entering a new era of a Reign of Terror. This legislation cuts the fundamental freedom of the Hong Kong people.

Hong Kong has already lost his freedom this year because of Draconian National Security Law, now China can do whatever they please. They can send their police, or maybe 10,000 military personnel into Hong Kong one day. They have their own prosecutors, lawyers and they can appoint their own judge without going through the Hong Kong final Court of Appeal. China can even transfer whichsoever suspect they want to the mainland and have trial, as they can do whatever they like. There is no limit on detention before trial, there’s literally nothing. It’s a lawless country.

China is basically a gangster land, so there’s no nation, there’s no government, everything belong to the party and the party is really consisting of a few families linked to crimes and is dominated by them. The country is a facade, right government is a facade behind every government official, there’s a party secretary, pulling the trigger behind every business even there is a party secretary pulling all the strings.

There are free Chinese and then there are the forcefully manipulated Chinese, that is the case. And the latter does not want the free Chinese to survive. CCP want a free Chinese to live the same way as they do. That’s what the law is for in Hong Kong. Chinese Communist Party threatened people with life imprisonment but you still had a large number of Hong Kong protesters raise their voices every day.

Chinese Communist Party uses Hong Kong as its business hub to reach the World. Following now they want to use them not only as a free trade hub but as a front facing mask to receive the different kinds of trade benefits that Hong Kong alone was previously given.

Hong Kong has fallen, its going to be a dead city and the world doesn’t wants to buy anything from Chinese economy.

This declaration could mean significant Fallout for one of the world’s largest financial centres. Hong Kong that we knew as big Asian financial hub is going to change in certain ways, companies may be incentivized to move away from the city and in fact, there may be a brain drain of the talented people who doesn’t want these kind of restrictions that Beijing will impose, they may feel incentivized to move out of HK.

The potential fall of Hong Kong means something to the world that matters because Hong Kong share the same universal value with a whole world except China. It’s the freedom and the value we share.

It’s between the civilized world against the barbaric world. China’s CCP legislate the law, the National Security Law on HK as a barbaric. CCP is still in Middle Ages, we live in a civilized world where we have a law, it has to go through lots of government process first democracy and voting. All CCP did in HK is come up with law and then published it in Hong Kong because that is how CCP works.

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