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Why I can’t celebrate Independence or Republic Day

Since the origins of humans onto this earth, the humans have been evolving in as many ways as they can. Humans evolved socially, culturally, architecturally, psychologically, and technologically as well. Humans have been inventing everything which comes their way to satisfy themselves and fulfil all aspects of their needs throughout those inventions. The humans invented homes, communities, villages, cities, states, countries, borders, rituals, cultures, traditions, creeds, castes and religions to live in a well and separated way, without disturbing anyone. Humans invented clothes to save themselves from cold and heat, food to keep them healthy, signs, symbols, languages, relations, and emotions to do communication, and most importantly the education to have a safe, organised and humanly lives, to be human and humane and to understand the true nature of nature, humans and its existence. However, the saddest part is that, whatever the humans have been inventing for the last millions of years for the bitterness of humanity has been going opposite to it. Either be it casteism, religion, regionalism, nationalism and others rest of the factors, all these have been dividing humans whereas the prime motto of all these are to unite us and we the one to blame as we couldn’t have understood the actual nature of nature, humans and humanity till now.

Independence Day means the day of freedom. That day when we got freedom from the British but if we look and observe it in reality then we find that we got freedom from the Britishers only who were white, apart from that nothing is changed. We are still slaves, slaves of religionism, casteism, regionalism, exploitation, scams, unemployment, of useless educational institutions and their third class plans, useless health institutions, hospitalities and their senseless plans, stupid leaders and their idiotic policies, discrimination between blacks and whites, rich and poor, male and female, son and daughter, of idiots being intellectuals and intellectuals being idiots, and the most dangerous and undying inhumanism which is the contractor of the all evils. We are slaves of all these evils and to get freedom from these all is actual freedom. When we get freedom from all these evils I am sure that day I will celebrate these day with people without knowing their background in any manner. However, the truth is, we are not free now in any sense therefore I can’t think of celebrating this destruction in the name of freedom.

Emotion: whether love, fear, suffering, hate and the others all emotions are the only things that are neither manipulated nor it can be. It is the truest nature of human being. They can’t lie to their emotions and this is the only human’s activity that connects people to people, no matter what religion, culture, community or country they belong to and that could be the enough reason that many critique and artists have said that ‘art is a universal language that is understood by everyone and connects the worlds altogether’. Therefore to be emotional, to be sensitive towards each other is the only solution which can bring harmony, peace, love, compassion and humanism between us. Eventually, it’s the love and the sensitivity that we are made up of but lost it over the time but again the fact is that, it can be achieved again and for that, we just have to go some steps ahead first.

I can’t celebrate these days/occasions simply because we are not in the state to do so. Things are turning worst to extreme worst; humans are killing humans to save humanity and are giving the name of social justice to all these killings. We are damaging the whole system, the inner and the outer system as well. Inner in a sense that we have stored and are storing hate and rage continuously which is destroying the inner self or the inner system, and once the inner is damaged it’s going to damage the outer system. We all know and understand it very well that we are the content of our brain. We are garbage when the content of our brain is garbage, we are hatred, anger and negative energy when the content of the brain is hate, anger, jealousy, competition, at the same time, we are love, compassion, sensitive, positive, delicate, warming, brotherly and above all a human being when the content of our brain is love, positivity, compassion, togetherness, harmony, sharing and caring. It means to change ourselves, we first have to change the content of our brain and to change the content of our brain we have to change the way we look at things and the way lead our life, for that matter we have to go through a process, a process of self-realisation, self-observation, self-analysis without being influenced by any of our pasts or the futures, without being influenced by our relationships, emotions, likes or dislikes. We will have to go through it as raw and as ruthlessly as a month’s hunger tiger goes through his prey, as ruthlessly as a group of wild dogs go through their prey… (You can search on Youtube of wild dogs attack). This is the only way through which we can first understand ourselves in an actual sense, and once we understand what and who we are the then from that very moment we become aware of ourselves, and the moment we become aware of ourselves internally we become aware of ourselves externally too, then from this very moment we start changing ourselves. So first we have to understand ourselves and then to change it first internally, once we are changed internally the external changes happened at the very moment by default. To understand this, we can look at this loop of incidents that leads to one another…… Subject —  look, watch, observe — analyse — plan — action — result. This is the process of every action to result. To change is to change ourselves. And believe me it’s very easy we just have to be a little alert of ourselves of our every thought mainly, because it’s the thought that changes into action and it’s the action which changes into result. And the result may be good, bad or worse depending on the action. Thought is internal and action is external. So to control internal/thought is to control external/result. And if something beautiful happens internally/in thoughtfulness then the external/result would by default be beautiful. It’s all about managing oneself. When one manages oneself the world can be managed later very easily completely and beautifully. Changing oneself is to changing the world without changing yourself you can’t change the world.

Without any doubt, I have a great respect and highest regard for all those people who in some the other way contributed to the nation in its worst time. However, for now all I can hope is for a better time, a time when we: the humans will be united on the name and on the basis of humans and will make this world a better place for everyone irrespective of their castes, creeds, religion, region or any factors other than living beings. And most importantly when I say nation, I don’t mean a state or a country by that but what I mean by that is the nation; this whole cosmic existence as a nation, which contains everything within without any discrimination. The cosmic existence as a nation of and for all living beings.


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