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Why is Indian culture losing its richness?

Indians are known to follow the old culture and respect elders. Everyday, we pray to the almighty and also follow various rituals. On the other hand, people have adopted the modern lifestyle and have stopped following Indian culture. We live in the era of globalisation which has proved to be a boon for people as they can purchase quality goods at competitive prices. On the other, globalisation has come with its own share of problems as it has created problems like inequitable distribution of wealth thereby creating a huge gap between the rich and the poor.

Indian culture is regarded as one of the oldest cultures of the world and is followed by the entire world. It teaches an individual about how to lead a life. For example, Lord Rama had shown the path to people about how to life a perfect life. We are Indians but we are forgetting our language, culture and are always aping the west. Are we not putting our own self image, our self respect, our mother India’s pride at stake by doing so?

Why we have started eating burgar instead of chapati? Why we drink tea and coffee instead of milk? Youth are saying hi and hello instead of touching feet of their elders. Instead of having food directly we are using spoon and forks. Why are we not following our culture? If people are blaming films for the degradation of Indian culture then it is not true. It all depends upon what you see, hear and think. Youth should accept the good things life has to offer and don’t forget about their nation’s culture.
Indians are losing their cultural roots, and drifting towards Western culture and language. Today people blindly emulate everything which is shown on television. Adopting modern life style is good but it comes with its own share of drawbacks. People need to realise that every religion says the same thing love all and help the needy. Our culture is decaying as we do accept the western culture very instantly. We learn good manners from our ancestors and Indian culture is the best. Let’s not forget our own culture and also spread it across the world.

No matter we respect other country’s culture but at the same time we should not let our culture down. A country is known by its culture, in western countries our diverse culture is praised and appreciated so why should we forget it ? We should be proud that we live in such a country with rich culture and traditions, so why not to stick with it? Steps must be taken to strengthen India’s rich and diverse, multi-cultural, multi-linguistic cultural heritage so that it remains a vibrant, dynamic and living part of community life.

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