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Why is media giving too much coverage to AAP?

What is the reason behind the Aam Aadmi Party’s popularity across India? Is it because the party has been working for the welfare of the common man or due to the recurring attacks made by the opposition against it? AAP has become a force to reckon with only because of media coverage. Media is considered as a mediator between the common man and others. Media had covered each and every incident which unfolded since last few months right from the formation of the party till its victory. The coverage has been going in full swing.
I would like to elaborate how AAP came into power in Delhi and how it made its presence felt all over India. The day when Arvind Kejriwal announced the formation of AAP, media gave immense coverage to it and termed it as one of the important news. It also covered Kejriwal’s swearing in ceremony and work done by it in Delhi and the mass contact programmes of the CM. AAP highlighting the shortcomings of opposition parties grabbed headlines in major newspapers. Even news channels aired this news which brought AAP into mainstream politics. Since AAP has expanded across India hence it has became a topic of discussion among news channels. Even the common man has started discussing about AAP while commuting in suburban trains, buses etc.
Another aspect which worked in favour of AAP was the statements issued by opposition parties. In a press conference, Nitin Gadkari had addressed AAP as “Chillar Party” which created lots of controversy as AAP came into limelight. People were becoming aware about each and every aspect of the party. Since media gave good coverage to AAP hence it managed to win the confidence of Delhi residents as they voted for the party to provide good governance.
Earlier BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s rallies were given wide coverage by the media. But now things have changed as now AAP is grabbing more airtime across news channels in the country. Therefore opposition parties are alleging that Arvind Kejriwal has become “TV wala Neta”
A question which arises in my mind is media performing their job efficiently? Media is busy broadcasting each and every step taken by AAP. This only goes to show that media is not following ethics of Journalism. In an attempt to garner TRP media houses are competing with each other to cover news pertaining to AAP. Media should not remain biased and should give equal weightage to all news instead of merely focusing on AAP.

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