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Why so much fuss over women’s attire?

My bra straps are visible while wearing some of my t-shirts, tops. Does this mean that I am a blot on the society trying to act like slut and seduce men around? What is wrong with visible bra straps when men are aware that bra is a necessity for every woman! What is wrong if I try to make it little trendy by mixing colours of t-shirt and bra straps? This means that I or girls like me are accelerating crime rates in the society despite realising the fact that men drool even if a girl is fully covered in a dress like salwar kameez.

Why saris are widely accepted as decent attire when they give full view of a woman’s waistline, half back and side view of stomach flat or plum. Don’t we know that men get aroused even by watching a fully clothed beautiful looking girl?

If not, then why burkhas and pallus were thrust upon women? They are asked to wear full length attire to protect from the unwanted gaze of men. If a man wanders around wearing ugly underwears on the beach shamelessly it’s our duty to turn our face and never glance at them.

If we constantly watch these filthy men in ugly underwear then we are termed as sluts lacking ethics. If we stare at them shamelessly it only indicates that we giving passive invitation for rapes.

“Is ladki ko zara bhi sharam nahi hai…kaise tukur tukur aadmiyon ko dekh rehi hai.”

Girls freedom is restricted, for the wrong doing of men. In short we are caged without any reason for no fault of ours. How would men react if girls wander topless on the streets?

Celebrities like Kalki Koechlin are trying their best to educate men by performing many live shows and using social media platform. India demands ethical education for men to stop cribbing and drooling if a girl wears a revealing outfit. Why do they make a huge hue and cry over a girls dressing style? Why every belonging of a girl like bright lipstick, nail paints translucent clothes, bra straps become taboo for men? Why don’t they grow up and appreciate her body and skills to maintain them?

The UPA government failed to enhance women’s safety and educate men but even the new government is taking this issue lightly. The NDA government is busy passing the railway and general budget and improving the country’s infrastructure at a time when the common man has to grapple with rising prices of essential commodities like onion and potatoes. We expected the government to frame guidelines for improving women’s safety and later start working on reviving the economy.

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