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Why Suicides? – Be strong enough to face the realities of life

It seems suicide is not an economic problem or a generational tic. It’s a problem with a broad base and terrible momentum, a result of seismic changes in the way we live and a corresponding shift in the way we die. It is noted that people die by suicide for a number of reasons; however, the majority of the people who take their lives suffers with an underlying mental illness and substance abuse problem at the time of their death. There is little mystery about the burden of suicides of young people in India. We now have numerous reports, from the National Crime Records Bureau as well as independent investigations of mortality, which show that suicide is a leading cause of death in young people. Possibly, when one commits suicide then it is that single moment when one does not care for anyone, neither parents, nor family or friends, but just want to culminate his or her life for one particular reason.

Apart from depression, people also commit suicide out of bitterness, insecurity, rejection, revenge and impulsive behavior. Youths are more likely to commit suicide as development is forcing youths to the condition of hopelessness. The reason why youth is a vulnerable period for suicide globally is because this is the phase of life which is characterised by impulsive behaviours, is associated with dramatic changes in one’s self-image and aspirations, and is when some of the most important life decisions related to education and relationships are made.

The manner in which teachers behave and the way the students behave are essentially to be looked into by this court since the children are the future leaders of our nation. Well no more live in an archaic age where to condition or train a young child, abusive techniques can be adopted.

This isn’t always the case, as millions of people live with depression and never attempt or die by suicide, but with awareness, education, and treatment, people can be helped so that suicide does not become an option. Minds of children are very sensitive and they have resorted to taking their lives by themselves. In those days, the school children feared their teachers as they would beat them very badly in the event they did not study or perform properly. One must keep in mind that whatsoever may be the reason in life but suicide is not a solution to any problem. One must be strong enough to face the realities of life. One must accept both good and bad with open arms and do not let anything disturb you.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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