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Why this fuss over Citizenship (Amendment) Act?

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The entire students’ fraternity across India is seemingly up in arms against the controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Act with the police having to resort to extreme measures to control the situation, especially in the National Capital, New Delhi. A day after the police and protesters opposing the amended Citizenship Act clashed in Jamia Millia Islamia and the areas surrounding it, students from various institutions across the country took out rallies in support, including those from Indian Institute of Science in Bengaluru, TISS in Mumbai and the Mumbai university. Violence had erupted in the area surrounding Jamia in which scores were injured as the police was forced to resort to lathi-charge and firing of teargas shells. Students have the right to protest. But violence of this nature is not justified.

Why are the protesters protesting? The CAA doesn’t affect them. They are just opportunists being led by opposition leaders who want to create chaos. These leaders should be taught a lesson or two. It is unfortunate that adolescents are being drawn to unholy arenas of protest and violence, at the beck and call of unscrupulous politicians. The distraught leaders are concerned with making trouble, but students should not be made their pawns. Misinterpreted secularism of the country deprive intelligentsia in open category for seven decades. We earnestly wish for redressal of apartheid in reverse gear.

Misinformation by political leaders and lack of information provided by newspapers because they are all run for ideological reason not with the aim to educate public by reading the nitty gritties of the law or may they are plain incapable to provide proper information. Students in spite of their intelligence are the victims of the all opposition leaders who have lost their identity in the last elections.

All the governmental institutions on date in India are completely politicised by the extremist elements sponsored by the anti national elements and opposition leaders. Their contribution to the motherland is big zero. Indian food is eaten by the refugees from our neighbors for the last 70 years. We will accept all sympathetically. Entire educational institutions may be closed and make privatise education.

The CAA has nothing to do with Indian citizens, it’s about giving refuge to minorities in neighbouring Islamic countries where they are persecuted. Violence spread with protests and thus internet data services were stopped instantly. The violence was described as “largely sporadic” by the officials as it was confined to setting fire on vehicles, damaging few trains and shops. Police may be given full powers to maintain law and order. Ethics are simply forgotten by all including educated and intelligent also.

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