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Why this hue and cry over demonetisation drive?

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has put a bombshell on the opposition to curb corruption, bribery, black money, terrorism etc. Indian citizens welcomed the move and thanked Modi for his innovative ideas to develop the nation. However, the leaders of several political parties, while welcoming the policy are criticising the demonetisation drive and saying that people have to face hardships for few days. Opposition leaders are completely forgetting the long term benefits the nation will derive through demonetisation drive. They have been asking questions like where are the suit-boot millionaires. Why they are not visible in the queue? Why the government had announced the demonetisation drive in haste?

People change their cell phones, clothes, other gadgets for better ones. Why not replace the healthy “white” and/or unhealthy “black” notes for new notes? Teething problems do not last long. Even when you change your spectacles, it takes a while to get used to it. All these leaders are shouting because they are personally affected when their huge loads of cash in hand have suddenly become worthless. Even the black money that they have converted into white (by deposits in the banks earlier) is a serious matter of concern for them. Very soon, the sources of such huge deposits will be dealt with. The rich and royal leaders (including actors, politicians, judges, to name a few) have become paupers overnight. They do not know what to do now! So, like mad dogs, they are barking for no real reason. Quoting the transient miseries of the common citizens is only a ploy to divert the public attention. I am sure the government will not budge even if critics talk unfavourably and with no right solutions and suggestions otherwise being offered.

Congress, AAP, TMC, SP, BSP, CPI(M) leaders often are known for opposing every decision taken by the government. The DMK, AIADMK have swallowed their critical remarks for the time being. Modi has incredibly immobilised the “anti-nationalists” with a single steroid. The so called leaders who have no concern for the nation’s security and economy and have double standards on all the issues, now want more time quoting the miseries of the common people to replace the old currency.  The leaders of the party which was involved in as many scams worth crores of rupees for a decade at least, are now asking how “black money” can be controlled by this system.

Since last few days people are running helter-skelter to get their defunct currencies exchanged. However, one must admit that bank staff rose to the occasion for providing services to their customers with utmost patience and care. Congratulations to the entire bank staff across the nation for putting extra efforts to meet the challenge. As I know they were foregoing their holidays/ leave and some ex-staff and officers also came forward in some places to help the people in this hour of crisis.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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