Monday, February 6, 2023
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Will the new government fulfill its promises?

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The buzz is all about the elections now! Everyone is waiting for the results to see which party will emerge victorious. People are discussing about the three leading parties BJP, Congress and AAP everywhere. With various slogans and speeches, every party is trying to influence voters so that they may emerge as winners. All of their talks sound so convincing and seem to be having a positive impact on people.

Many of us would agree that the ‘Modi’ buzz is everywhere. “Ab ki baar Modi Sarkaar”. The slogan does not have ‘BJP’ in it but instead has been substituted with Modi. The advertisements of Congress which seem to be targeting the youth and AAP, the common man too is visible. But whosoever wins we obviously have that one question in mind, how progress will the nation achieve? Is it going to be a repeat of the same situation where parties make several promises when the elections are around the corner and later they fail to fulfil it.

Let us take Mumbai as an example. The traffic signals have been dug up everywhere for the installation of CCTV camera’s making it inconvenient for the people travelling. It has been a month now but no progress is visible. The Bhayander bridge which collapsed six months ago is yet to be repaired. People have to wait for 20 mins everyday and an hour on weekdays for crossing the bridge which only results into wastage of time. What about the rape cases? Will the new government be harsh enough to punish those criminals who assault women and disrespect them? Will those men who disrespect the dignity of women be sentenced to death? These are the questions that run through our minds when we think of voting for a particular party.

We call India a developing nation. But slums continue to mushroom and condition of poor is worsening day by day. Why doesn’t any government think about educating the poor? Many students say we need to overhaul our education system and it must become more practical oriented. Unemployment seems to be a major problem now. Political parties promise to provide employment opportunities for us if we vote for them but will it become a reality? We can only sit back and watch what really is in store for India. We have done our jobs and exercised our franchise. The 2014 elections surely have created a stir. We can only hope the best for our country. Like they say ‘Mera Bharat Mahan’ I hope that the new government will live up to its expectations.

Jonita Colaco

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