Saturday, June 19, 2021
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Winning by hook or by crook is not professionalism!

Tampering a ball when over 30 cameras are used to relay a match ‘live’ across the globe was an suicidal move by Steve Smith & CO. for which they have been appropriately banned by Cricket Australia, ICC, BCCI and other governing councils. Youngster Cameron Bancroft has been made a scapegoat as he was merely following orders from his captain and seniors. One year ban may sound a bit harsh for the crime which most modern day cricketers commit in some form or the other but such harsh punishment certainly would set a benchmark to cleanse Cricket from all the illegalities — be it match fixing or ball tampering.

Sportsmanship is what games stand for; be it any sport and professionalism and that doesn’t mean you should win games by hook or by crook. Cricket Australia too deserves kudos for such a stern action in such a short period which means the spirit of the game is ‘alive’ in today’s era of tough competition!

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