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Words should be backed by action

Samajwadi Party leader Mulayam Singh had rightly said in a television interview, “Jameen kam hoti ja rahi hai aur abadi badhti ja rahi hai”. But anchors did not ask Singh what steps has he taken to curtail the population? Later, he talked about the usage of expensive and big cars the same question arises again what did he do about it? Political leaders, who possess some authority to get things implemented, are not doing anything and are merely issuing statements and giving interviews.

In my writings, I have been emphasizing about the need to control population and reducing the number of high fuel consuming private vehicles but no action has been taken yet. I will request the learned courts to take a stand on this and ask the government to file a reply. Nowadays the situation has become so bad that nothing gets done without court intervention which must change.

Rainwater harvesting, drip irrigation, waste land development tasks must be undertaken. We have mammoth bureaucracy with the inclusion of central and state governments. Things can change if the government starts working with 50 per cent efficiency.

No action is taken against rogue politicians like Dasari Narayana Rao, A. Raja and Shibu Soren. It’s the main reason why citizens are getting frustrated with the political leadership. The government survives on numbers and to get mandate lot of compromises have to be made. In this respect, the responsibility of the public is uppermost. They must give clear mandate to one party. Who will guide the public? The society, social institutions, editors, TV presenters have a big role to play to create awareness among masses. TV channels are more interested in garnering TRPs and do not discharge social responsibility with adequate sincerity. Many anchors are more interested in presenting themselves instead of discussing about burning issues. Nidhi Kulpathi is an example of sobriety (and there are some other anchors too).

Narendra Modi should be cautious against building up very high expectations and create a situation like the one done by AAP in Delhi. “Main yeh kar doonga, main woh kar doonga” sounds rather unrealistic because according to our constitutional system, he alone cannot do much. Modi will need sincere co-operation from the state chief ministers.

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