Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Work hard, results will follow

Lok Sabha elections are just round the corner but people’s attitude remains unchanged. People will like to say, “I paid bribe to Mr X but don’t catch me, don’t take my name but you catch Mr X”. AAP has done an excellent job by personally interacting with the common man. I used to stay at third floor of community centre in CGS colony and late Sardar Sohan Singh Kohli knocked at our door and greeted all of us. Since then, no leader has visited our house. No RSS man has ever come to enlighten us. RSS will now have to learn from AAP about the technique of connecting with the masses at ground level. Narendra Modi will become our PM not because of RSS but due to his proven record of governance.

Even though a majority are saying that they will vote for AAP but when it comes to choosing the PM, Modi’s name crops up. People will once again repeat the mistakes committed by them in Delhi and will create another chaos. If you vote for AAP, how do you ensure Modi to become PM? The agencies conducting the survey have not questioned people on this issue. In the Army, a sub-Lieutenant, how so ever good he may be, cannot become a full general in six months. In the same manner, a newly appointed IAS collector can not be a full secretary in same period, so how can people expect Kejriwal to become prime minister.

This is immaturity, mischief, irresponsibility and foolishness on the part of our electronic media which has caused biggest harm to the nation. “Iska cheekra uske sar phoda”, none of them have learnt a proper expression.

How eager we are to earn all freebies very quickly. Every mother asks her child to finish the home work first and later he will receive a chocolate. First perform the work and rewards will follow. BJP should start forthwith a silent and sincere door to door campaign enlisting worthy people and single mindedly work under the leadership of Narendra Modi. I don’t want to see Rajnath Singh with Narendra Modi, Baba Ramdev or Navjot Singh Sidhu.

Amit Shah and Kalyan Singh must build the BJP with the assistance of other leaders and RSS (they must induct youth in the party). Liberal Muslim leaders hailing from UP must be taken on board by the BJP. It is shameful for Lohia followers like Mulayam Singh to be organizing Saifai Mahotsawa when Lucknow Mahotsava was observed. Public must carefully view Kumar Biswas contesting against Rahul Gandhi. They must view it as an initiative of the party to eradicate corruption from the society.

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