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World Malaria Day — Prevention is better than cure: Part II

Some of the symptoms of malaria include fever, shivering, joint pain, vomiting, anemia, retinal damage and convulsions. The classic symptom of malaria is cyclical occurrence of sudden coldness followed by rigor, then fever and seating lasting for a period of four to six hours, occurring every two days in P. vivax and P. ovale infections, while every three days P. malariae. P. falciparum can have recurrent fever every 36 hours or less pronounced and almost continuous fever.  Prevention is better than cure in case of malaria.

We hate to use the mosquito nets because it failed to give us freedom from free movement. When we hate net, we hate mosquitoes as well. Moscreen mosquito preventing nets comes very handy as you can keep the sliding winds open but at the same time you cover it with a thin durable net which allow air to flow but at the same time stop mosquito menace. The net is having frames and hence you can roll it as it is made of strong aluminum profiles. Specially developed spring loaded mechanism will help to smoothly roll the screen up and down with touch of your hand as per your requirement. It is a zero maintenance arrangement to prevent mosquito entry and you can clean the screen every time you roll it up. Further it provides a higher percentage of air and light transference. In fact from a distance of 8 to 10 ft. it is barely visible to the naked eye. Moscreen is highly flexible and can be washed like any ordinary cloth.  Since it is made of fibre glass coated with protective vinyl and thermally welded at each mesh and it is non-combustible and non corrosive as well. Again, Moscreen can be installed with a variety of option on existing windows to suit your budget and get rid of all types of insects entering through your windows. Preventive measures such as use of mosquito repellents, drinking clean water and living in clean surrounding are advisable.  Preventing malaria is much better than curing after getting affected, as there is a risk of recurrence and death possibility. Let us not play with our life with carefree attitude.

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