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Young boys prone to sexual abuse

The Versova sexual abuse case should be considered as an eye opener. These days’ men have started targeting small boys to satisfy their sexual urge. Females like Seema Khinchi needs loud applaud for her bravery act. Around 6 pm, Seema Khinchi, who lives in Andheri Lokhandwala, was taking her dog to the vet in Seven Bungalows when she heard a woman screaming for help. When she came to know that a man was trying to molest a six-year-old boy behind a parked tempo she ran and nabbed him. But Khinchi was shocked that one came to her aid.

While passing by any footpath we must have heard many children crying for some or the other reason. Has any one of us ever thought why they are crying or neither of us have taken any initiative to ask the reason behind their unhappiness. We never know what those children must be going through. It couldn’t be only sexual abuse but there might be instances when child must have been brutally assaulted by his or her parents. Such incident occurs.

According to survey many boys are molested at young age and the situation remains unchanged even today. Children are not only molested but they are raped. Rising homosexuality is one of the reasons behind rising molestation incidents which have gone unnoticed.

Forget about slums, even parents from respectable families are shy about having discussions pertaining to sex. Yes a girl does have an opportunity to discuss her problems with mother. On the other hand, boys do not have this liberty the reason could be anything like false ego or superior feeling given to him saying he will be the head of the family in future. So even if a boy is targeted, he will hide it and pretend like he is strong. His behaviour might become inappropriate but the parents will just conceal it saying that he is a boy. They will also say that he has been groomed in that manner to make decisions for himself at this age; we don’t stop him, and provide many other reasons. Eventually, child becomes more violent and aggressive.

Even today boys don’t have much liberty to discuss about sexual problem faced by them with their parents which is unjustified. Irrespective of whichever the child’s age is parents have to be more open about sex and sexual assault which the former could face. This education shouldn’t be restricted to girls. Often a mother explains to her daughter the difference between good and bad touch. This knowledge must be imparted to young boys too.

Parents can follow these tips to know whether their child has become a victim of sexually assault:-

  • See if your child seems unusually secretive.
  • Look for regression to younger behaviours
  • Pay attention to nightmares and other sleeping problems
  • Notice your child’s personality changes.
  • Watch your child’s reaction to people and places.
  • Look for physical signs.
  • Anyone could Google and seek counsellors help in future but just don’t ignore your child.

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