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Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Young lives fading over the smartphone and gaming addiction

There was a fight between brother and sister about playing the game on the phone

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Image Courtesy: Vinay Dubey

A 16-year-old girl, who lived in the Janupada compound in the limits of Mumbai’s Samta Nagar police station, committed suicide.

The incident took place around 11.30 pm on Friday night when there was a minor quarrel between the 16-year-old victim and her younger brother over playing a game on mobile. After which the girl came out of the house with Ratol, a rat-killing poison from a nearby medical store, and drank it in front of the younger brother. The younger brother informed the family about this. The family immediately took the girl to Shatabdi Hospital.

Police Sub-Inspector Santosh Kharde of Samata Nagar Police Station reached the spot and inquired about the family members after doing a panchanama of the incident.

Police said that after receiving information about the death of the victim girl during treatment at Shatabdi Hospital at around 10 am on Saturday morning, the police handed over the body to the family after conducting a post-mortem.

Afternoon Voice spoke to some experts who are studying and researching teenage depression and young suicides.

Dr Rajendra Barve (Psychiatry specialist) told Afternoon Voice, “Online gaming is as addictive as any Narcotics substance. It eventually plays a Neuro Chemical reaction and the Dopamine increases. The American Doctors Manual has clarified Cyber Addiction as a Mental Disorder.”

Santosh Kharde, PSI of Samata Nagar Police station said, “The incident has happened in the Thakur Village area of Kandivali. The victim girl drank poison over a spat with her brother on playing a game on mobile. Her family admitted her to Shatabdi hospital, she was declared dead on arrival. We have registered a chargesheet and further inquiry is going on.”

Dr Jitendra Tiwari (Electopathist) said that “Use mobile and computer less, and utilize it only when needed. Technology should not be misused nor be overused. Children and youngsters have to avoid getting indulge and involved in it at late nights. This is unnatural use of that. Especially do not disturb your sleep.”

Himesh Nepani, Rebellious Gaming Cafe (Proprietor) said, “Time management is a must. Study time and playtime play. I have many customers who work on their laptops and also play computer games. Mobile and smartphone games are a bit different. One thing for sure is that mobile gaming is growing so are the mental hazards.”

“First and foremost, the government and parents should create awareness amount youngsters about the consequences and dangers of phone gaming and internet addiction. Parents should set a time limit, control the data usage on mobile phones and computers,” said Anshul Pandey (Cyber-maestro), Global Infosec Chairman.

“Normally my advice is that games should be played for fun. Work on a particular time frame and allot timeslot to this amusement. Internet in India is speedily developed all over the nation,” Nilesh Gawade (Game developer) Co-Founder Aryavarta Technologies.

“Cyber addiction is worse than any other addiction. Suicide is not a sudden thought it is a long process. Due to excessive digital gaming, emotional instability rises. To monitor this one has to be self-dependent. Therapies are available to get rid of addiction,” Dr Jaini Savla (Expert in Psychology).


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