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Zac Efron Single Again? He Deletes All Traces Of Sami Miro On Social Media

Uh oh. Is Zac Efron back on the market? Pictures of her mysteriously disappeared from Zac’s Instagram page recently, and he’s no longer following her on any social media channel despite being in a 2-year relationship with her. Does this mean they’re dunzo?

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It looks like there may be trouble in Zac Efron ‘s paradise. His girlfriend of two years, Sami Miro, can no longer be found on any of his social media accounts. Her pictures have been deleted, and she has been unfollowed. Plus, rumors are swirling that she allegedly cheated on him while at Coachella.

As you’ll recall, Zac and Sami went on an exotic vacation to Japan and Vietnam in January, during which Zac posted some intimate photos of them enjoying their time together. Some even believed Zac would be proposing to Sami soon, as their relationship continued to get more serious and he appeared to be holding her hand in a proposal-like fashion in one particular photo. Things seemed to be going swell until recently, however, when fans noticed all traces of her were deleted.

Online chatter even suggested she may have cheated on the super buff 28-year-old while having fun at Coachella this past weekend. Yes, we know — you’re probably asking yourself, “Why would anyone ever cheat on Zac Efron?” We asked ourselves the same thing. But we can’t ignore the evidence. Sami no longer exists in the world that is Zac Efron’s social media life. So sad. The only picture of her essence that remains is one of a gift she gave him nearly six months ago, but even on that post, fans are commenting with harsh words such as, “Delete this and give her painting back.”

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