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City Management is the backbone of country’s beauty

Everyone appreciates beauty! It is not necessarily with a face, or cosmetics; being beautiful is not about external good looks but it is all about purity of mind. Culture, human tendency, building structural framework of a human relationship is an outcome of the beauty of mind. It is a debatable topic in spirituality whether God exits or not! It is all about a gimmick of your soul. In the same way, city management is a basic theology about honest thoughts to maintain a city or any rural area with sustainable development. Unfortunately, it seems India needs a better focus to do accurate development of cities, semi-urban areas and rural areas. Development cannot be avoided as the population is increasing rapidly day by day. City management is all about managing the peripheral co-ordination between urban and rural areas with proper planning, maintenance, and development. India is a complex country having different religions, castes, creed, colours, and demographical aspects — in such case, it is obvious that city management will not be a cake walk. But it is possible with consultation from autonomous or governmental organisations as they can set up consulting agencies to make people educated about city management. Our youth who want to have a career in city management can develop their academics and can work as consultants boosting employment opportunity. In the era of Information technology, almost everyone is computer literate; they can establish computerised city management programming from which they can operate whole city management functioning — it includes traffic management, proper signaling system, weather control, roadmap, town planning, housing society members’ complaint redressal, setting up rain harvesting management, mapping  unauthorised construction activities, set-up proper road infrastructure and emergency alarm system.

Industrial complexes should be built away from residential areas to avoid traffic chaos. Restructuring of housing complexes with modern facilities is also needed. Proper signaling in every 500 meters like alarms, dustbins, map indication boards, medical kit (first-aid box), CCTV cameras, ample separate space for parking vehicles are also required. There are few cities in India like Lavasa, Chandigarh which are known as planned cities, but question arises about the authenticity of infrastructure quality as there are so many cases of corruption in which quality assurance is not up to the mark.

Income generation from tourism is marvelous as people from western world look forward to India as an investor hub and a tourist place. India’s Switzerland “Kashmir” is a big market for tourism and investment. It indirectly helps to marginalise investments and increase employment opportunities. To name a few, Kerala, Konkan, Goa and many more tourist places can build goodwill in the world market.

Today’s youth want results; using their energy level is very important for the sustainable development of our country. Youth gets attracted to the countries in Western Europe because of their attractive appearance and better employment opportunities. To build real India, we need to focus on sustainable development of the country. Mumbai and Delhi NCR are not the entire India. Mahatma Gandhi also truly said ‘go to rural area’. We need to focus on the overall balanced development of the country. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, equality in development is a real formula to gain success. It is real ‘vikas’ and for that city management do play a vital and very crucial role.

Mohit Soman

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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