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Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Admission Online or Offline?- obscure management put students in turmoil

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In a dispute of management by the state education department and college administration, the students from First Year Junior College (11th Std), who want to switch their colleges for HSC due to varied reasons, are stuck in a dilemma with the continuous alteration in the online-offline admission procedure.

Before the previous academic year, a large number of students and their parents demanded for the online Class 12 admission, similar to the Class 11 admission as it saves time and puts an end to the irregularities practiced during offline admissions. Every year, many students who are unable to secure the admission in the college of their choice due to various reasons such as students with lower grade taking admission by providing capitation fees, lengthy procedure, improper management etc., opt for changing their junior college and look for an entry in another. Hence, in order to make the admission procedure simpler than the previous academic year, the education department in 2017 made the admission process online for such Class 12 admissions as well.

On the condition of anonymity, a parent of FYJC student said, “Due to this confusion of online and offline admissions, not only our children but we parents also go through a lot of pressure and get worried about their career. Whatever be the process, we want a clear directive from both the education department and the college authority.”

According to a report from the education ministry last year, only five per cent of students want to shift to another college after Class 11 every year. As it resulted troublesome for the state education department to cope up with the online procedure for students’ admission in Class 12, their admittance was put on hold for a few months. So, the department shelved the plan to make the Class 12 admission online.

Congress leader Bhai Jagtap said, “Instead of simplifying the procedure, this online-offline mess has become more complicated creating stress among the students and parents. There is a need to conduct a simplified admission process where students can take admission as per their choices.”

However, this flip-flop results into a chaos amongst the college administration making them the victim of education department’s poor planning. But the students are the worst sufferers of all the happenings here, as the admission procedure last year got delayed by a month with quite a lot of changes. Majorly students, who get transferred or get disqualified, are the ones who need to change the college; they face issues due to a number of seats being reserved for the respective quotas which build pressure on both parents and students.

When AV spoke to an official from Thane’s Bedekar College’s, she expressed, “There is no confirmation or guideline provided regarding the admission process for this academic year, but government resolution (GR) might release by April end. I believe online admission procedure would be better and is more transparent, considering cases of offline where there are chances of providing fake information and documents. It also saves time of students.”

Similarly, this year also students and their parents can see a blurred future ahead because of the improper management by the administration leaving them in a puzzling situation. Henceforth, they demand for an online procedure considering HSC as an integral part of the students’ career. The confused parents and students do not know whose door to knock for an ease in the admission procedure.

On the condition of anonymity, a student from Nallasopara expressed, “Due to travelling issues, I am planning to change my college so that I can focus on preparing for boards more efficiently. But there is no confirmation yet on any procedure for the admission this year. The delay might lead to more confusion and stress for students like me to take any substantial decision ahead.”

The future of the students is at stake regardless of any conflict going on between the government or college administration or teachers! Students from all over Maharashtra are wondering whether the government or administration will take any action towards assuring a quality career for them or they will continue with their lackadaisical attitude!

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