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4-year-old child washed away into flooded drain in Thane

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boy drown in thane
Aditya Maurya, The child feared to have been washed away into drain \\ Image: ANI

A 4-year-old child is feared to have been washed away into a drain in Thane, due to a heavy downpour on Thursday. The police and disaster management have been carrying out the search and rescue operation.

On Thursday evening, water flowing from Kalwa hill and also after a heavy downpour caused waterlogging in the slums of Bhaskar Nagar in the Kalwa area.

The strong waterflow is feared to have swept the 4-year-old child, named Aditya Maurya into the drain at the compound.

After the police were informed about the incident, police along with the Disaster Management team reached the affected slum. They have conducted enquiries from the locals, but no one has seen the boy being flown in water.

But since the child is not with his family, there is a huge probability that the child might have got swept in the water, if he had stepped out of his house.

The search operation is underway which started on Thursday, but had to be stopped at night.

The search operation again resumed today.

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